Virginia Man Arrested for Defending Store

It’s a sad day in America when the bad guys are protected and the good guys are punished.

But thanks to leftism, it happens all the time.

The owner of a Virginia smoke shop desperately wants to bail his employee out of jail after a recent incident. The worker actually fended off three masked intruders, and yet he’s the one police slapped the cuffs on.

As Fox News explains:

“They had broken into the store [early Sunday], three men with masks on,” Jowan Zuber told host Tucker Carlson. “The neighbor upstairs said when they broke the window it sounded like a car smashing into the store. The employee said it sounded like a shotgun.”

The employee, identified by WJLA as 33-year-old Hamzeh Abushariah, was sleeping in the store in order to practice social distancing due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to Zuber, Abushariah woke up, reached for a pistol and shot at the intruders to “scare them,” hitting one of the three young men.

Zuber told Carlson that when police arrived, he assumed that Abushariah was “in the right” and practicing self-defense, but “the cops [were] treating us like we were the ones that caused the harm.”

Abushariah was charged with malicious wounding, reckless handling of a firearm and violating a protective order, according to a police statement obtained by local blog ARLNow. Arlington Police also told WJLA that the charge of violation of a protective order related to Abushariah reportedly being ordered not to have a firearm.

“It’s very sad for America today as American citizens practice their Second Amendment to protect the store and their lives,” Zuber said. “Do you know what the [responding] police officer told him [Abushariah]? ‘Why didn’t you run out the back door?'”

I don’t understand why this wasn’t just filed under Second Amendment Right and put to rest right then and there.

Justice for All?

In Texas, we have what they call “stand your ground” laws. Such policies give Texans the right to defend ourselves. Especially when we predict that we are in grave physical danger. Unfortunately, Virginia never fully adopted such policies. However, I looked it up and found this:

Unlike some states, Virginia has no formal stand your ground law. However, the Castle Doctrine has become a part of Virginia common law-allowing individuals to protect themselves if they believe the person attempting to enter their home will cause great physical harm.

Technically, this employee was living in the store to keep it safe. Thus, he was in his home. So why is he behind bars?

Arrested with No Bond

And if we want to add insult to injury, it’s worth noting that our justice system is still failing. In a series of unfortunate events, Abushariah was denied bail.

Fox continues:

Zuber added that when he went to the jail to bond out Abushariah, the $25,000 bond was appealed by the prosecutor.

“This is very sad,” he said. “I was born in Arlington, I pay taxes. The gun is registered and everything is perfect. But I can’t believe as American citizens, we are being treated like this. And this gets the criminals out there [thinking] ‘We can go rob stuff, kill people and hurt people and guess what, people have to run out the back door’. This is mind-boggling.”

Wouldn’t it be more fair to let Abushariah bond out and face a jury of his peers?

As for the bad guys, it seems they weren’t even arrested for their attempted robbery. One might argue that the bullet was punishment enough for one of the three masked men. But the other two have yet to be cuffed.

Police said in their statement the burglary suspect who was shot by Abushariah suffered injuries that were “serious but not life-threatening.”

“The other two subjects fled the scene on foot prior to police arrival,” the statement said, adding that additional charges related to the breaking and entering are anticipated at a later date.”

I get the feeling that the robbery will be shrugged off. Because that’s what leftists do. They brush real crimes under the rug while going about their crooked ways.

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