Biden Makes BOLD Prediction about the Election

In a recent interview, Joe Biden set his sights on an adversary. And I must say, I believe Joe Biden can defeat this not so new opponent.

Below is a video of the interview, where Biden declares:

“I’m going to beat Joe Biden!”

C’mon, Man! Isn’t that Biden’s famous phrase when he finds something unbelievable? How dare you question him, after he says, “C’mon, Man!”?

As for Biden vowing to kick his own ass, I say, “C’mon, Man!”.

I can only imagine how Democrats reacted after watching this interview. Something along the lines of, “Holy sh*t, Joe! Can’t you just keep your mouth shut?!”. Isn’t that what lawyers tell their guilty clients? Say nothing. Actually, a better analogy is what parents say to their children.

Remember the interview where Biden said he was running for the Senate?

Holy Mother of Sybil, does this guy know who he is or where he is?

Biden is a trainwreck. In his recent, “You ain’t black video” with Charlamagne tha God, Biden dismissed polls. He said that the 2016 polls where Hillary Clinton led Trump have no bearing on his polls. And they say Biden isn’t delusional?

How many misspeaks does one need to witness before Democrats declare Biden unfit? If Trump made as many gaffes as Biden, you can bet Pelosi’s Congress would invoke the 25th Amendment and remove him from office.

I suspect Democrats have a contingency plan, feeble as it may be.

Sadly, they simply have no alternative to Biden; I find this hysterical. And I’ve said it hundreds of times now on my radio show, but the level of desperation the Democrats exhibit while choosing a 77-yo demented scumbag to represent them speaks volumes about the Party of Lynching of Negroes.

Hillary Clinton was a flawed candidate. So, I didn’t think Democrats could select a worse candidate at the time. But Democrats declared it was “her turn”, and they had less than five choices. In short, I understood the choice of Clinton from that perspective, though I still think they were idiots to do so.

But Biden?! Democrats bulldozed 20+ other candidates in this election cycle to settle on Captain Demento. And his baggage makes Hillary Clinton look like she packed for a day trip.

Biden is a pathological liar. Correction: a documented pathological liar. No wiggle-room on that point.

Biden makes stupid people look like Einstein. Yes, the man is seriously stupid. He may convince the average Democrat to believe he’s smart, but remember the audience…Democrats!

Biden name drops and takes credit for all legislation passed. The irony being that Biden takes credit for crappy legislation. “That’s a big f’g deal!”.

Next, Biden is crooked. What he allowed his crackhead son to do in the full light of day proves my first and second contentions about Biden: he a pathological liar who is clearly dumb.

And if that isn’t enough, we know that Biden is a sexual voyeur at best, and sexual predator at worst.

Honestly, Trump should furlough his marketing team.

Who needs a marketing team, when Trump has Joe Biden kicking his own ass? And it’s only going to get worse for Biden which means better for Trump.



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