Cop Speaks Out Against Covid Constitutional Violations

It’s nice to know some people are willing to take a stand.

Take for instance Seattle Police Sergeant, and Iraq War veteran, Greg Anderson.

He took to social media a week ago expressing his concerns about the role law enforcement agencies play in recent cases of Constitutional rights violations.

The Ocala Post wrote:

Officer Anderson said he is afraid that if things continue the way they are that there will be bloodshed in the streets. He said he does not want that to happen.

[Anderson] said the way things are going now is not how this country works. He said people’s rights are being violated and officers are taking money from them, or even worse, arresting them and depriving them of their freedom.

Anderson said the spirit of the American people is much stronger than officers or governments who violate their rights.

What Constitutional Violations Is He Talking About?

Glynn County, GA.

The Ahmaud Arbery murder occurred in February. Yet, only now are learning that Glynn County’s Law Enforcement and the District Attorney might have had a hand in covering up the incident:

Sacramento, CA.

Further, California Highway Patrol dressed in riot gear and armed with nightsticks, forcibly shoved hundreds of ‘Reopen California’ demonstrators off the State Capitol grounds.  Thirty-two people were arrested in the following melee.

The CHP had earlier banned protests in the State.

Dallas, TX.

Salon owner Shelley Luther was arrested, fined $7,000, and sentenced to a week in jail for violation temporary restraining order.

The Governor and State Attorney General spoke out, but it took the Texas State Supreme Court to overturn the ruling.

Calumet County, WI.

Two sheriff deputies berated a mother for allowing her daughter to play at a friend’s house, in violation of a state order.

Lansing, MI.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer issued a series of draconian laws, in her pursuit of the Vice Presidency, that have led to severe backlash.

Despite information being continually deleted from social media, large protests took place in Lansing.  Scuffles took place between some protesters and Michigan State Police in the State House.

Orange County, CA.

A series of protests prompted Governor Newsom to ban the reopening of all Orange County beaches in retaliation.

Odessa, TX.

A peaceful protest quickly escalated when a Sheriff’s SWAT team raided the demonstration with guns drawn at the ready.

Kansas City, MO.

Mayor Quinton Lucas 10/10/10 rule restricted ‘nonessential’ businesses to 10 people inside and 50 people outside, while practicing social distancing.  The Mayor demanded a list of names as a way of tracking customers, including places of worship.

Fresno, CA.

The City’s Code Enforcement is fanatically citing businesses violating the State’s lockdown orders.

On Mother’s Day, Code Enforcement attempted to cite a breakfast restaurant that defied Governor Newsom’s mandate.  When customers took a stand, a Fresno cop shoved his way through the crowd and arrested two patrons.

Ironically the people arrested were the in-laws to State Assemblyman Joaquin Arambula,  forcing Fresno Police to launch an Internal Affairs investigation into the incident.

Chicago, IL.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot channeled her inner-dictator during a recent press conference.  The Mayor threatened to continue the city’s lockdown indefinitely.

Those caught violating the stay-at-home order by hosting gatherings will be banned from renting in the city.

Yet in typical liberal hypocrisy, Lightfoot was breaking her own rules to get her hair done and sets attention to her own social events.

I Was Just Following Orders.”

The legal defense of “Following Orders” is not a recognized defense, and it does not hold up in court.

In fact, the precedent was first established in the trial of Peter von Hagenbach in 1474, applied to Nuremberg after World War II, and Abu Ghraib in the early 21st century.

Military courts have said they should assume orders are legal and follow them.

“That means that there is the presumption of legality and that the individual who disobeys the order, disobeys it at his own peril,” said attorney Gary Myers.

And As For Greg Anderson?

He was just fired by the Seattle Police Department.

But I expect our country is full of people who understand covid isn’t an excuse to violate the rights of Americans. Thus, Anderson should brace himself, as job offers will surely start rolling in.

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