Democrats PANICKED: New Director of National Intelligence Confirmed

If you think acting Director of National Intelligence gave Democrats problems, wait until the new one gets ‘read in’.

The US Senate confirmed Congressman John Ratcliffe as President Trump’s Director of National Intelligence. The vote went down party lines, 49 to 44. Clearly Democrats fear the confirmation of Ratcliffe.

In his role, Ratcliffe will serve as the head of the US Intelligence Community. He will directly oversee seventeen members, as well as the National Intelligence Program. Ratcliffe will also advise the president on matters related to national security and intelligence.

Ratcliffe has big shoes to fill in replacing Grenell who replaced Dan Coats last year.

Previously, Ratcliffe represented Texas’s 4th congressional district in Congress since 2014. Prior to that Ratcliffe practice law, specializing in injury law, medical & product liability, and business litigation.

Ratcliffe will need all of his legal expertise in navigating the waters in his new role; a role for which President Trump nominated him before.

President Trump originally nominated Ratcliffe in July 2019. However, the president withdrew the nomination in August after some Democrats publicly questioned his qualifications. In February, Trump re-nominated Ratcliffe for the post.

Sean Davis tweeted something profound about the fast-tracking of Ratcliff:

Ric Grenell was so devastating to the Deep State and congressional collusion hoaxers that they fast-tracked the confirmation of the very guy they spent last summer trying to destroy with lies and smears, just to get rid of Grenell. Pretty remarkable how effective he was as DNI.

Why Democrats fought the nomination?

Democrats and critics of Ratcliffe’s nomination claim he’s unqualified. Amazing, given an evaluation of James Clapper, the person who held the role in the Obama administration.  Democrats mentioned that Ratcliff does not meet the “statutory requirement of expertise in national security” to be the Director of National Intelligence. They made similar claims against Ric Grenell. And from my vantage point, I think Grenell should receive a Presidential Medal of Freedom for his efforts to expose the coup against the president.

Frankly, I can’t wait for Ratcliffe to get his debrief from Grenell and see where the bread crumbs lead. Ratcliffe is doggedly supportive of the president. And in his new role, he will remain such. And when he finds out all that Grenell knows, Democrats can expect more explosions.

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