FINALLY: Susan Rice Implicates Obama

If this tweet from Fox News’ Gillian Turner is right, then the walls are closing in on Team Obama.

Turner tweeted:

#BREAKING: @AmbassadorRice’s team confirms to #FoxNews that she was directed by White House Counsel to write the Jan 20, 2017 memorandum documenting an Oval Office meeting in which President Obama & National Security officials discussed #MichaelFlynn.

Directed by the White House to play “cover our asses” is what that memo represented. And what a third-grade ploy.

Buck Sexton captured it best in his tweet.

If someone under suspicion of insider trading wrote an email to himself weeks after a suspicious trade saying “I didn’t have any inside info, everything was totally by the book”- you’d laugh and assume the guy was guilty

Susan Rice didn’t get that memo apparently

A person tweeted the following:

Not only that. Why did they direct her to write it on the very last day of the Obama administration? In fact Susan Rice wrote the email at 12:15p.m, *after* Trump was inaugurated and her lawyer told Chuck Grassley that the timestamp was an “error”

They directed it earlier. Drafted earlier and edited over a course of days. Took that long for WH counsel to confirm the language & what should be classified. Cut&Paste job. Look at the space between the paragraphs. Who emails like that? Nobody.


This comes from her 2019 book. Note she’s careful to point out THREE TIMES she was directed by White House Counsel. And the wording makes it seem she and Biden were present (unless there was another follow-on meeting to the follow-on meeting?).

The walls are closing in on Obama’s crooked team. Again, most of them have gone eerily silent.

Here is John Brennan’s last tweet on May 14, almost 2 weeks ago:

.@realDonaldTrump’s propaganda & disinformation machine, which operates according to a despot’s playbook, is the most aggressive & odious in history. It far surpasses even Russia’s ability to trample the truth, harm U.S. security, & undermine America’s reputation worldwide.

Brennan seems scared to this interested observer. And he explains why he’s scared. Because everything he wrote is what the Obama administration did.

And what of disgraced former FBI Director James Comey? He hasn’t tweeted since May 7:

The DOJ has lost its way. But, career people: please stay because America needs you. The country is hungry for honest, competent leadership.

Curiously, do Brennan and Comey know how Twitter works? It’s a fast-paced messaging system.

Both tweet mostly sporadically. Almost as if they emerge from their rat holes to breath occasionally, hoping for good news. Interestingly, Comey tweeted almost daily from March 26 – April 4.

As for Comey’s tweet, I agree: indeed the Obama-era DOJ has lost its way. The new and improved DOJ actually believes in the rule of law. Thus, they have found their way…the American way.

I’m sure they hope that Democrats will bring up another impeachment hoax to deflect. But soon, even the fake news media will be forced to cover the deceit of the Obama administration.

When President Trump nicknames Obama, that will be the ultimate sign that he has Obama right where he wants him. Expect the hammer to fall shortly after.

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