Kim Jong Un is ALIVE!

You can never be too sure these days, but North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has been spotted. Apparently, he is alive.

According to Yahoo News,

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has made his first public appearance since speculation about his health began last month, cutting the ribbon at the opening of a fertilizer factory, KCNA reported Saturday.

Kim attended the event on Friday in Sunchon, near the capital Pyongyang, after nearly three weeks of swirling rumours that the leader of the nuclear-armed nation was seriously ill or possibly dead.

The North Korean leader had not made a public appearance since presiding over a Workers’ Party politburo meeting on April 11, and the following day state media reported that he had inspected fighter jets.

At Friday’s event, “all the participants broke into thunderous cheers of ‘hurrah!'” when Kim appeared, the Korean Central news agency reported.

He inspected the facility and was “briefed about the production processes,” the report said.

Kim “said with deep emotion” that his grandfather Kim Il Sung and father Kim Jong Il “would be greatly pleased if they heard the news that the modern phosphatic fertilizer factory has been built,” it added.

Was this the REAL Kim Jong Un? Or did the NK government slip us a Mickey?

I’m sure finding another chubby Korean who looked like Kim isn’t that difficult. But I certainly hope that he’s alright. For Dennis Rodman’s sake?

Generally speaking, rumors like this tend to pan out.

This is not good news for Democrats. Now President Trump has the opportunity to whip fat boy into shape, diplomatically-speaking.

Where was the lost dictator? According to the article,

A top security advisor to South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in said less than a week ago that Kim was “alive and well,” downplaying rumors that he was ill or incapacitated.

The advisor, Moon Chung-in, told CNN that Kim had been staying in Wonsan — a resort town in the east of North Korea — since April 13, adding: “No suspicious movements have so far been detected.”

Let’s hope Kim actually did take a vacation or visited a fat farm. When you see pictures, remember video adds at least 10 pounds.

We will update when the president comments. Should be a blast!

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