Nancy Pelosi’s Game: Explode the Budget

Since Democrats know they cannot defeat President Trump in November, their strategy is clear. Bust the budget.

First, indulge every Leftist fantasy imaginable and use the Chinese Wuhan Virus Hoax of 2020 to do so. Second, run the national debt so high that Republicans will not recover in time for 2024.

The Washington Examiner explains the latest move by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in implementing the strategy:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi introduced another $3 trillion of spending as the Democrats’ latest response to the coronavirus pandemic. At over 1,800 pages, the mammoth legislation is a cynical left-wing wish not rooted in reality. It demonstrates that the Democrats are irresponsible and unfitted to govern at a time of crisis.

Where do I start? Another $3 trillion? How much have we given to this fake ass pandemic? Simple answer: enough and then some.

The article continues,

Some $2.9 trillion of spending already out the door means that by next year the federal debt is likely to be higher than the record set in World War II — a milestone that wasn’t supposed to be reached until over a decade from now.

And there you have it. The real strategy of Pelosi. Send the debt through the stratosphere, and blame Trump. Since Trump will serve only one more term, Republicans will inherit the blame.

More from the article,

This bill includes a $1 trillion bailout for state and local governments, with no consideration of how responsible states were in managing finances before the coronavirus hit. The bill would also funnel money to rescue union pension funds that were already failing and would almost certainly use their sudden solvency to go back to the irresponsible ways that required their rescue.

I know why Pelosi added this tidbit. It’s a two-fer for Leftists.

First, she knows Trump will win and take her speakership, so she needs to make hay. Thus, Pelosi loaded as much Leftist pork as she could. Next, Pelosi gets points for bailing out states who have stripped their budgets due to mismanagement and corpulent pensions.

Sadly, the democrat attitude is taking over mainstream America. Many people have started to view the stimulus bills as entitlements.

As Forbes Magazine writes:

According to a recent poll from OnePoll, 82% of Americans believe that a one-time stimulus check of $1,200 from the CARES Act is not enough to pay for living expenses in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of a one-time check, the majority of respondents say that stimulus checks should continue through the end of lockdowns. The poll, which was conducted in late April with 2,000 of individuals, also found several other results about public sentiment, including:

      • Universal Healthcare: 76% of self-identified Republicans and 84% of self-identified Democrats believe the U.S. should consider universal healthcare.
      • Mortgage and Rent Payments: 55% say that mortgage and rent payments should be frozen during COVID-19.
      • Student Loans: 63% says that student loans should not have to be paid now.
      • Unemployment: 79% say the federal government should do more to help those who are unemployed, but only 58% said that government should provide more financial support.

I must say I’m not exactly sure how universal healthcare is suddenly an issue. According to democrats, we were all saved by ObamaCare. We got to keep our own doctors. Our rates never went up. And everything is hunky dory in the land of healthcare thanks to Baby Black Jesus. Unless, of course, I’m missing something??

And as for student loans, since when does anyone really have to pay their student loans? You can simply call them up and get a deferral, or a forbearance. All it takes is telling the person on the other end of the line that either A) you don’t have a job, or B) that you can’t afford to pay. You’ll get 90 days to sit it out, and then you can roll the same dice again. So why do we need to roll student loans into pandemic relief?

Democrats are hiding so many pork barrels in this stimulus legislation that they’ve sealed their own fate. No wise-minded conservative will get behind such ridiculousness.

McConnell must kill this baby on the birthing table. Dead. On. Arrival.


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