Trump Punks Biden: Truth Over Facts Video

You have to love a president with a sense of humor. And what a marvelous way to expose Biden’s senility without appearing to attack the cripple.

In this supposed first installment of Truth Over Facts, the Trump team punks Biden over a few of his issues:

The ad sets up as a true crime drama. Trump’s Communications Director Tim Murtaugh plays the role of host. And he details multiple Biden screw-ups.

The ad punches hard right out of the gate, reminding people of when Biden announced he’s running for the Senate.

Next, you hear Biden mention, Corn Pop. He was the gang leader from the “black parts of my town”, as Biden might put it.

From an overt and subliminal messaging point of view, the ad captures everything that would make someone take pause on Biden. Like his comment that he’s an “Obiden Bama” Democrat. Then the ad alludes to Biden being the “oldest president in American history” if he were to win. Thankfully he won’t.

Biden is heard saying, “I’m not going nuts.”. You have to wonder what he’s actually talking about.

I never saw Biden on the Winston Churchill screw up. But I presume it’s legit. A guy Biden’s age forgetting such an iconic figure?

In the next clip, the ad shows Biden screwing up Chris Wallace’s name, calling him “Chuck” Wallace.

Biden then speaks of jobs and returning 720,000 back in the workforce. The Trump campaign obviously missed Biden talking about 600,000 people dying from COVID-19, when in fact it was an order of magnitude left.

Finally, the ad explains the name of the segment. Biden explains it in his own words: We choose, “Truth over facts!’

Today we examine the case of Sleepy Joe and you know… “the thing”.

And that’s when the video takes on Biden’s memory lapse of “We hold these truths to be self-evident, all men and women created by…you know…you know the thing”.

Murtaugh spoofs Biden’s search for a second Constitution, aka “the thing”. The spoof has all the trappings of Searching for Bigfoot.

This ad works well for many reasons.

First, as I mentioned earlier, it shows the president has a sense of humor. That’s likely to help make it more viral.

Second and perhaps more importantly, the ad chronicles the many Biden screw-ups. Biden knows he suffers from dementia, and he knows Trump knows it. When the two inevitably meet, Biden will have difficulty not thinking about the orange elephant everybody told him NOT to think about.

The possibly brilliant ad format appears to be laying the groundwork for future ads that look into Biden’s past with a “true crime” feel.

According to a campaign press release, the video series will be “aimed at uncovering the truth behind Joe Biden’s never-ending, seemingly incomprehensibly statements during his third, plodding campaign for president. The website takes a closer look at Biden’s words and phrasing and brings in “experts” to discern if there is hidden meaning behind the declaration that most normal people would miss.

As for me, I’m waiting for Truth over Facts to tackle the Ukraine. Aren’t you?


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