Trump Sends Warning to Fox News

In what I consider a sign of a Trump win, the Trump team prepares for his second term. And he’s targeting media.

Since declaring most of the media “fake news”, Donald Trump has flirted with the idea of his own media outlet. Likely the only reason he hadn’t pulled the trigger is his friends at Fox News. 

I’m not speaking of Fox News’ management, but people like Hannity and Ingraham. And there are others. But Fox News is no true friend of Trump’s as he has alluded in limited tweets. Trump has also mentioned other outlets, like OANN, positively in tweets. And there are others like America’s Voices News who represent the new flock of up and comers.

Still Trump knows the power of media, and more importantly not relying on it. Particularly when he can create media.

In creating media, Trump is the master. He makes P.T. Barnum look like an introvert. So why not capitalize on that ability?

I read an article that reported the Trump campaign hopes to “challenge the daytime women’s talk show The View with a conservative view on weekly news”.

Lara Trump, the president’s daughter-in-law, previewed the program on Tuesday’s program of Team Trump Online, an online show used by the campaign to connect with internet users.

The show plans to stream every Wednesday at 8 p.m. and features a panel of conservative hosts with the Trump campaign, including Lara Trump, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Mercedes Schlapp, and Katrina Pierson.

“TONIGHT: Join ‘The Right View’ featuring @LaraLeaTrump, @kimguilfoyle, @mercedesschlapp, and @KatrinaPierson at 8:00PM ET!” the campaign tweeted on Wednesday.

Trust me, this is not just a shot over the bow for ABC. It’s a shot over the bow for Fox News.

8PM on Wed. What’s next? I’ll tell you what: all week. Then, the Trump network will add another show, likely at 9PM. Get the picture? And don’t be surprised if Fox News has a couple of key defections. People who can bring their audience.

Eventually the network will stream mornings, early afternoon, and evenings. And Trump will be on many of the shows, as will the Trump family and powerful people who support the president. But the network will develop new talent. Unabashed thought-leaders.

Finally, Fox News will find itself wondering what happened? I predicted this many times on my radio show. As a former management consultant, I know the lifespan of companies. Well-run companies can stave things off, as long as they follow a few rules.

Like, don’t become incestuous with people. Fox News violated this rule, promoting people who have been with the organization too long. But they broke an even bigger rule. Cater to your audience, and expand. Fox News is taking the opposite track. Thus, they abandon their key demographic, in hopes of attracting a new (and thanks to Trump) dying demographic.

Trump makes this move now, because he knows he will win.

No longer will he need to cater to Fox News. And as I indicated earlier, Trump knows that the new and unimproved version of Fox News does him no favors.

Regardless of broadcast polls, Fox News is on the decline. I don’t say this because they fired me. I say this because they fired me for the wrong reason, and never apologized. That tells you what you need to know about their corporate philosophy.

Next, the network is staid. It’s brought nothing new to the game since Glenn Beck. They should have learned from Beck (pre-Trump Beck, btw) and brought in more rabble-rousers. They jettisoned Beck at his height, and then backed away from that model.

Beating CNN and MSNBC is a given. I’ve quipped that a good high school musical on YouTube can beat those two networks. So I give Fox News 2-5 years to continue to dominate. After that, they will hear footsteps. Shortly after, they will be run over. And most of Conservative America will say, “Good riddance!”.




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