Update: Biden’s Involvement in Obamagate

Joe “Fingers” Biden is more flawed than Hillary “Killa” Clinton. And not just because of his sexual assault of Tara Reade.

As I’ve said many times on my radio show, Biden can’t be happy that Tara Reade is temporarily out of the news cycle just yet.

Because to bump that story off it had to be something big. And Trump no longer plays the role of the patsy with the media, since the release of documents clearing General Flynn.

Again, just the tip of the iceberg. Flynn’s exoneration represented the pilot episode of Obamagate: a season of shows the Democrats hoped would never air. If the pilot is any indication of the series, then hold on to your ankles, Democrats.

Episode 2 proves just as explosive. This time it involves Captain Demento.

As it turns out, Biden didn’t just extort Ukrainian special investigators. New documents released by Acting DNI Richard Grenell show that Biden wanted to unmask General Michael Flynn. In other words, he is part of the cabal to take down Trump.

What a twist, when you consider the script?! Remember, Democrats pitched this show as one where Trump colluded with the Russians to defeat Hillary Clinton. Yet, here we find that the real collusion happened stateside inside the White House.

Catherine Herridge scooped the news:

SCOOP @CBSNews obtains @RichardGrenell notification to congress declassified “unmasking list” Flynn between late 2016 and January 2017 – Read 3 pages provided by NSA here

On closer examination, you see the names of all the people who demanded to “unmask” General Flynn. This list represents some of the people who participated in the attempted coup of Donald Trump.

Joe Biden is on this list.

Kelly Anne Conway tweeted:

For those too timid, hypocritical, biased, self-absorbed, or anti-“all”-women to ask @JoeBiden about Tara Reade, ask @JoeBiden about this list of 40 people, including those highest up in the Obama-Biden White House. Was Biden complicit or out of the loop?

Ryan Fournier tweeted:

BREAKING: Richard Grenell has released the list of individuals who tried to “unmask” the identity of General Flynn.

Those names include Joe Biden, James Comey, John Brennan and James Clapper.

This is explosive!

How explosive is this? I’m not sure. But I bet John Durham knows.

Stay tuned, as the truth always finds it’s way out.


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