Why Obama Asked Brits to Spy on Trump

Why has the name Christopher Steele appeared so often in the coup to stop Donald Trump? It is odd, when you consider that a Brit seems to be the epicenter of activity.

Why was Steele, a Brit, chosen to provide the fake dossier, that anti-Trumpers, the DNC, and ultimately the Hillary Clinton campaign paid for? One would think an American could have been selected, given that it was our election Democrats tried to steal.

As it turns out, the Brits offered Team Obama a nice excuse.

Appearing on Fox News back in March, Judge Andrew Napolitano dropped this bombshell that likely answers many of the questions I posed earlier.

Here’s part of the Napolitano transcript:

Three intelligence sources have informed Fox News that President Obama went outside the chain of command. He didn’t use the NSA, he didn’t use the CIA, he didn’t use the FBI, and he didn’t use the Department of Justice… He used GCHQ. What the heck is GCHQ? That’s the initials for the British spying agency. They have 24/7 access to the NSA database. So by simply having two people go to them and say ‘President Obama needs transcripts of conversations involving Candidate Trump, conversations involving President-Elect Trump,’ [Obama’s] able to get it, and there’s no American fingerprints on this.

The Guardian UK tried to provide cover for the Brits’ participation:

The issue of GCHQ’s role in the FBI’s ongoing investigation into possible cooperation between the Trump campaign and Moscow is highly sensitive. In March Trump tweeted that Barack Obama had illegally “wiretapped” him in Trump Tower.

The White House press secretary, Sean Spicer, claimed the “British spying agency” GCHQ had carried out the bugging. Spicer cited an unsubstantiated report on Fox News. Fox later distanced itself from the report.

The claims prompted an extremely unusual rebuke from GCHQ, which generally refrains from commenting on all intelligence matters. The agency described the allegations first made by a former judge turned media commentator, Andrew Napolitano, as “nonsense”.

“They are utterly ridiculous and should be ignored,” a spokesperson for GCHQ said.

Instead both US and UK intelligence sources acknowledge that GCHQ played an early, prominent role in kickstarting the FBI’s Trump-Russia investigation, which began in late July 2016.

I suspect John Durham has looked over this timeline with some of the best investigators in the world. And his conclusion will be simple: the Obama administration used the Brits to spearhead a coup against Trump.

And the obvious clue involves the “email to self” then-National Security Adviser under Obama Susan Rice wrote. Three times she mentioned, “by the book” in depicting the actions taken by Obama and team. Does anybody believe using the Brits to spy on the Trump campaign was “by the book”?

The Obama administration burned the book. They did nothing “by the book”. In fact, Obama rewrote the book (ghost-written by Bill Ayers, et al), the moment he got elected. And the new rules were written to torment anybody with a differing ideology.

Obama’s main rule was, “Use cult of personality to crush America”. And he was almost successful.

Imagine your first act as a former president is to take down the incumbent.

For those who think I’m hard on Obama when I say he was the worst president in history, just understand what he said about himself with his treasonous acts.

Obama KNOWS he was the worst president in history and his actions show it. Because if he had any respect for himself or the office, he would have executed a SMOOTH TRANSITION OF POWER. Instead, he committed TREASON!

But Obama needed to stay in control, regardless of who was elected. So he stacked the deck either way.

He needed to destroy Trump, and run his shadow government from the sidelines. So he used all the power of his office to ensure Trump’s loss. Though he was overconfident in that regard, Obama set up a contingency plan. That massive database.

Obama orchestrated a Clinton win, only it failed. But Obama really didn’t care what Leftist puppet got elected. Because he had data on everybody, courtesy of the Deep State swamp rats who helped in his larcenous acts. However, Hillary Clinton made the best patsy.

First, political payback. Clinton helped get Obama elected, to a degree. I’m sure Clinton had enough dirt on Obama in 2008 to derail him. But the Democrat machine demanded Clinton wait “her turn”.

Second, Clinton made a great patsy because of her past dealings. By 2016, Obama knew all about them, as Obama long surpassed the Clinton Mafia in gathering dirt.

The bigger story of the unmaskings is that Obama had dirt on every adversary in America and around the world. In Obama’s eyes, his post-presidency elevated him to “god” status.

And god can get the Brits to spy on Trump. Only Obama isn’t anything close to a god as Trump proved. So now Obama’s house of cards tumbles.




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