Writing on the Wall: When CIA Staffer Blasts Former Boss

DC is a strange town, and operates much like prison. The rules for both change once you’re in.

For example, in prison you can get shanked for looking at somebody wrong. And no matter what your feelings about race-relations are on the outside, you don’t “mix” inside the joint. 

Sadly, DC is a similar ideological prison. And because Leftists have dominated it for so long, they’ve poisoned the place.

No longer do bureaucrats do the right thing, aka “mix”. Instead bureaucrats side on ass-saving. Political expediency.

President Trump returned decency to DC and the White House. Obama feigned decency, but he exhibited none. Obama brought Leftist dogma on steroids to DC. Leftists became so emboldened with Obama election and policy positions, they openly committed crimes.

On the other hand, DonaldTrump has no ideological dog in the fight. A pragmatist, Trump wants what’s right for America; and particularly what’s right for taxpaying citizens. That’s why Leftists hate him.

Clearly, Trump’s tactics have made a difference. A big difference.

Draining the swamp requires lots of stealth and the ability to discern people. Trump is a master at both. So every time Trump fires somebody, Leftists freak. To quote Queen, “Another one bites the dust!”.

And when Trump hires one of his own, Leftists predictably scream. Another job that won’t go to a swamp rat.

President Trump put DC in unfamiliar territory: Leftists are no longer in charge.

Real whistleblowers are talking. The media won’t report it. Meanwhile, AG Barr and John Durham remain quiet about their activities, for the most part. But something is afoot.

When a former staffer for Obama’s CIA Director John Brennan turns on his boss, you take notice. And according to investigative journalist John Solomon, Former CIA Moscow station Chief Daniel Hoffman laid into his former boss at Central Intelligence Agency, John Brennan.

“One of the things that bothers me the most is when someone kind of starts with their answer, and then they try to twist the facts to fit it,” Hoffman said Tuesday. “I saw Brennan do that when I served under him CIA. And I saw him do it when he was, you know, a contributor at MSNBC accusing the president of treason with nothing whatsoever to back it up.”

It gets worse for Brennan.

According to Solomon, the former station chief said that Brennan’s behavior related to the Russia collusion narrative was not much different than what he witnessed during his time serving under him at the CIA.

“There were policies he supported, whether it was the policy in Syria or Iran. And when you told him something that would force him to challenge his assumptions, his response was just to get mad at you and not really want to hear what you have to say,” Hoffman said.

Undoubtedly, Brennan is a hot head who never should have headed the CIA. But Obama loves incompetence, thus the selection.

Hoffman continued calling out Brennan’s public behavior since leaving his CIA post, an “extraordinary dereliction of duty.”

And what Americans will soon find out, Brennan is a traitor. Under the watchful eye of Barack Obama, Brennan crafted what he hoped would be the undoing of Donald Trump.

Hoffman accuses the former director of misleading the American people and members of Congress by publicly peddling an unsubstantiated narrative about Trump’s involvement with the Russian government. This misinformation relates to Trump’s 2016 campaign. And the allegations were ultimately investigated by swamp rat Robert Mueller. Of course, Mueller and team found nothing on President Trump.

Hoffman said of Brennan’s activities:

“If he had concerns about President Trump, then go tell you know, Bob Mueller about it. But you don’t need to speak up publicly about stuff that isn’t even true on MSNBC”.

Soon Brennan will face the music. Hoffman’s public comments means he feels safe enough to blow Brennan’s cover.


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