Another Trump Victory Stuns Leftists

The Supreme Court ruled in Trump’s favor. Again.

Apparently, it’s perfectly within Trump’s right to limit the appeals process for immigrants seeking asylum. Another immigration battle won for the greater good!

To break it down in layman’s terms, this means some people seeking asylum won’t be able to plead their case to a federal judge. Which means our tax dollars won’t be wasted in the legal system swamp. Instead, these people will be forced to return home and apply for citizenship or a visa in the same way most immigrants apply.

Fox News elaborates:

The 7-2 ruling applies to those who fail their initial asylum screenings, making them eligible for quick deportation.

In a decision in the case of Dept. of Homeland Security v. Thuraissigiam, the court ruled that the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRIRA) – which prevents judicial review of the credible fear determination – does not violate the Constitution’s Suspension Clause, which protects habeas corpus privileges that allow courts to determine if a person should be released due to unlawful detention.

“In this case, however, respondent did not ask to be released. Instead, he sought entirely different relief: vacatur of his “removal order” and “an order directing [the Department] to provide him with a new . . . opportunity to apply for asylum and other relief from removal,” Justice Samuel Alito wrote in the court’s opinion, ruling “that relief falls outside the scope of the common-law habeas writ.”

In other words, for those planning to just sneak across the border, the jig is up.

Honestly, I’m glad that Vijayakumar Thuraissigiam, a Sri Lankan national, did his best to sneak into the country without documentation. Thus, we could finally let Supreme Court weigh in. And wouldn’t you know it, but Trump was right again.

The article continues:

[Thuraissigiam] crossed the southern U.S. border without documentation in January 2017. Then, he was apprehended within 25 yards of the border, and detained for removal. According to court documents, he said he was afraid of returning to Sri Lanka because he had once been abducted and beaten by a group of men. But he did not know who they were or why they attacked him. At the time, he said that he did not fear persecution due to his political beliefs, race, or any other protected characteristics.

As a result, an asylum officer determined that he did not have the requisite “credible” fear of persecution. A supervisor agreed and signed off on a removal order, which was then affirmed by an Immigration Judge who had heard additional testimony. This led to Thuraissigiam filing a habeas corpus petition for unlawful detention, which a federal District Court denied. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the decision, ruling that the law was unconstitutional, but the Supreme Court reversed this with Thursday’s ruling.

Once again, Trump proves the law is on his side. And that’s a hard pill for leftists to swallow. Especially during an election year.

Hot Topics

As we roll towards November, the election will come down to three things. Healthcare (or shall we say the WuhuFlu), the economy, and immigration.

The WuhuFlu will eventually die out. Or we’ll find a vaccine that mutes the madness. And Trump is an economic genius. So that leaves immigration. And Trump just scored another policy victory with the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, Biden’s working on how to speak in complete sentences for his official nomination at the upcoming convention.

From where I sit, election day is a no-brainer.





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