Biden’s Latest Gaff Stuns Even Trump

At this point, it’s hard for Democrats to shock President Trump.

Think about the many things they’ve pulled the past four years. The Russian investigation, the Steele dossier, phony investigations, impeachment charges, economic sabotage, the list goes on and on.

At this point, I’m willing to bet Trump wakes up wondering “what is the left’s angle today?” In return, Trump is constantly planning his next move. Because we all know the best defense is a good offense. But there are moments when even Donald Trump shakes his head and says: “I never saw that one coming.”

Such is the case with Joe Biden’s latest gaff.

As Breitbart explains:

President Donald Trump in a town hall on Thursday appeared surprised that former Vice President Joe Biden could conceivably be the next president of the United States, despite his obvious shortcomings.

“Whenever he does talk, he can’t put two sentences together,” Trump said. “I don’t want to be nice or un-nice. The man can’t speak and he is going to be president, because some people don’t love me, maybe.”

The president spoke about Biden in a town hall with Fox News host Sean Hannity.
Trump cited a few brain-freeze moments from Biden’s presidential campaign such as when he said he was running for Senate and a recent clip of him saying that 120 million Americans had died from the coronavirus.

“That’s a serious error. That is not a permissible type of error. There is something going on,” Trump said. “It’s wonderful to say I feel sorry or that’s too bad, because I do, except we are talking about the presidency of the United States, and it is just not acceptable.”

Of course, Biden’s dementia has been on display for some time now. And his gaff’s grow with every day that passes.

Joe’s Not All There

Earlier this month, Biden seemed to challenge Trump to a fight. To which Trump responded with his comedic genius:

“Look, Joe’s not all there, everybody knows it”.

“It’s sad when you look at it, and you see it for yourself. He’s created his own sanctuary city in the basement of wherever he is, and he doesn’t come out.”

Kevin Jackson pointed out the catch 22 Trump created for Biden:

He reinforces the idea that Biden must hide, which forces Biden to come out of hiding. Any attempts to remain hidden reinforce Trump’s view of the man. However, Biden showing himself publicly is fraught with dangers for him and the Democrats.

Worse for Biden, he must be on point. Anything that remotely looks like he’s stumbling, and Trump’s comments look like neon signs over Biden’s head.

And now more of those so-called neon lights are shining over Biden’s head.

As Breitbart continues:

Trump also mocked Biden for calling his travel ban on China to prevent the spread of the coronavirus “xenophobic.”

“I don’t think he knows what the word means,” Trump said.

The president said that even though Biden tried to campaign as center-left, he would be quickly overridden by the radical left if he was elected.

“Look, I don’t think that Biden is a radical left, but it doesn’t matter because they’re going to just do whatever they want to do they’ll take him over,” Trump said. “He can’t perform … he’s shot, whether they like it or not, he’s shot. The radical left is going to take him over.”
He recalled that Sen. Bernie Sanders said that he would force Biden as far to the left as possible.

“A guy like Biden, he’s not going to have any power to do anything about it, and they’re dragging him,” Trump said.

Even Biden knows he’s no match for Donald Trump. In fact, he said it himself!

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