Obama Legacy: Cop Run Over Intentionally (video)

We hear often of unintended circumstances, particularly with Leftist policies. Frankly, I don’t believe most are unintended.

The Obama Legacy will ultimately be remembered as one of wanton destruction. Not a single policy initiative worked. But the one policy that may have created the worst lingering danger is Obama’s disdain for law enforcement.

The outcome of Obama’s policies are seen each time a black man is killed by police, particularly a white police officer. Instead of taking pause and understanding the situation, black Leftists and their enablers jump to conclusions.

While this is not totally Obama’s fault, he certainly poured fuel on the fire. As we documented in our film Bleeding Blue, Obama’s hatred of law enforcement showcased in the Professor Gates incident. And it continued throughout his presidency.

In the end, Obama made it clear to most that he didn’t care what happened to the police or rule of law.

So we find ourselves confronted again with the Obama Legacy. Riots happening around the country over an incident that 99 percent of the country agrees about. Because George Floyd’s death is not at all about George Floyd’s death. For Leftists, it’s about control.

And the best way to gain control is to create anarchy. Tell citizens to have no respect for law enforcement, ergo law and order.

Watch as this driver mows down a policeman.

The incident happened in the Bronx. The police responded shortly before 1 a.m. to reports of a break-in at a pawn shop on Walton Avenue in the Mount Eden section.

The video shows a black sedan that had no intention of stopping. The intent of the driver was to mow down this officer. He had his shot, and he took it.

That’s a f–ing cop,” a woman recording the footage says after impact. “Oh sh-t!

The officer landed in the middle of the intersection and several other people, presumably officers, rushed over.

An NYPD van with its sirens flashing then pulled up and the injured officer was escorted into the vehicle.

Oh my god, oh my god!” witnesses could be heard saying. –New York Post

So a man doing his job gets run over. That officer was sent to that part of the city to investigate a crime. He’s is a man with a family and friends who loves him. And because of Obama-era legacy feelings toward law enforcement, he lies in the hospital in what the media described as “serious but stable condition”.

What f*cking animals Obama and other Leftists created.

Can any officer feel safe? And what are the long-term consequences of such actions? Think officers will not be a bit more jumpy in all situations?

Let me save you the suspense. When they find the perpetrator, he will be a person of color. And you can bet with 100 percent certainty, an Obama supporter and Democrat voter.

Obama and other Leftists want the destruction occurring in America. They should just admit it.


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