Democrats Will NEVER Admit Their Obama Mistake

Democrats are total f*ck-ups and they know it. These clowns are wrong about everything, and I do mean everything.

Climate, taxes, immigration, education, environment, energy, politics. Every. F*cking. Thing.

Honestly, if I were as stupid as most Democrats I know, I’d end myself. Tragically and spectacularly.

Not with sleeping pills or something benign. I’d go out with a splat on New Years, jumping off some big building into a crowd of fellow Leftists to cull the herd, and to make sure there was no chance of my revival.

DNR. Do NOT resuscitate. Do the world a f*cking favor.

But not Democrats. They love stupid so much, most practice extended-stay. They wallow in their ignorance; bathe in it. And sadly, they find somebody equally stupid to date and have kids with.

Yes, two idiots procreating. And if you know genetics, two stupid people have a 75 percent chance of creating something equally stupid. Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, all the result of Leftists’ procreation. If you need more proof, just look at the education system.

Colleges and universities are chocked full of ignorant Leftists. Spending mommy’s and daddy’s money without a care in the world; and on worthless degrees. Most college degrees won’t provide a return-on-investment in two decades; strike that: two lifetimes.

Essentially, colleges and universities pour out millions of hapless rubes, ripe for the Leftist picking. And these braindead morons and their parents pushed their chips “all in” for Obama.

Now they are too vain (or stupid) to admit their mistake. They elected a man on style alone. Because no clear thinking person would vote for a junior senator for the most powerful office in the world. To vote for Obama then represented ignorance at the highest level. But one could forgive their zeal to make history with the first black guy and all. Still, they support this clown in hindsight.

By now they know Obama sucked like a newborn calf. That fact is evident just comparing him to himself. But now that we have Trump to offer a real contrast, it’s time Leftists fess up to reality.

That’s how you know how insane Leftists are and that they will never admit their failure. Because if they were going to admit they were wrong, there exists no better time.

Look at Conservatives for an example.

Most of us love Ronald Reagan. But many Conservatives readily admit that Trump outperformed the great Ronald Reagan in only his first term. Truthfully, Trump surpassed Reagan in Trump’s first two years. And with a more hostile Congress than Reagan could ever imagine.

My brother who worshiped Reagan and refused to vote for Trump called me a month after Trump officially took office to tell me that Trump eclipsed Reagan in his book. He fell on the sword, and it only took Trump as president-elect for a few months, and less than ONE month in office. Now, only death will stop my big bro from supporting Trump.

As for me, I felt like my brother about Reagan. The former president didn’t make me a Conservative. But when I watched a Reagan speech, I knew he represented my views. Afterwards, I canonized the man. I judged all other politicians by “The Reagan Standard”.

In comparison to Trump however, Reagan looks anemic.

See how easy that was, Leftists. Two Conservatives who can admit the truth about one of our idols. Your turn.

Jettison Obama quickly, so you can be trendy. You will then hold the moral high ground with your bourgeois friends for the next few years. People will say of you, “They are the couple who outed Obama”.

Because Obama will be exposed. And not just for being an empty suit. Obama will soon be toxic. Don’t sell that stock when it hits rock bottom; for pennies on the dollar. Get out of the market now.

Obama’s legacy is doomed. And anybody who supports him will be tainted with his tarnished legacy. I realize it’s difficult to walk back undying adulation for a fool. But the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.






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