First Domino: Rosenstein to testify before Senate Committee

Rod Rosenstein is a rat. A deep state swamp rat of the highest order.

As Gregg Jarrett of Fox News wrote of Rod Rosentein

Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is a master of prevarication and deflection. He holds an M.S. in BS and a Ph.D. in vacuous excuses. He’s a professor emeritus of duplicity and deception. As a prodigious suck-up, he’s the Eddie Haskell of lawyers.

And Jarrett has plenty of evidence to back up his assertions.

The man who oversaw the illegally sought and criminally executed Russian collusion investigation? Rod Rosenstein. He left a rat dropping.

Jarrett adds,

During his ignominious tenure at the Justice Department, Rosenstein was at the center of the Russia hoax, pulling the investigatory levers of manipulation over an imaginary collusion conspiracy that eventually went bust. But not before incalculable damage was done to the Trump presidency, government institutions and America’s faith in our system of justice.

Worse, Rosenstein actually considered wearing a wire if needed to entrap President Trump.

Here’s what CNN reported at the time:

Former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe said Sunday that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein “offered to wear a wire into the White House,” resurfacing one of the most controversial and disputed episodes of the Justice official’s tenure.

McCabe told CBS’ Scott Pelley on “60 Minutes” that Rosenstein said, “‘I never get searched when I go into the White House. I could easily wear a recording device. They wouldn’t know it was there.'”

As CNN previously reported, Rosenstein denies he pursued any recording, and a source in the room for these conversations said Rosenstein was being sarcastic.

But in McCabe’s view, Rosenstein “was not joking,” disputing the narrative it was not seriously considered at the time.

“He was absolutely serious,” McCabe told Pelley. “And in fact, he brought it up in the next meeting we had. I never actually considered taking him up on the offer. I did discuss it with my general counsel and my leadership team back at the FBI after he brought it up the first time.”

Liar versus liar in this scenario. Which liar do you dare believe? I believe McCabe.

Frankly, I would have loved for Rosenstein to follow through. That way we might have the recording to prove, yet again that Trump did nothing. Because that’s what those wiretaps would have revealed.

Rosenstein reneged on the deal, because an innocent man would have nothing to reveal. The reason the Democrats got nothing on Trump is there was nothing to get. Trump was politically above reproach, a term DC swamp rats use to describe themselves. Because Leftists tell you what they are by what they claim to be. And it’s always the opposite of what they tell you.

Rosenstein will test his skills as a lying skank when he appears before the Senate Judiciary Committee this week. He will be the committee’s first (domino) witness regarding the origins and evolution of now completely defunct Russian collusion investigation.

Rosenstein has a difficult job, given his part in the deception.

New disclosures shed light on what he and others attempted. So he no longer has the cover of darkness, known as “classified”. Moreover, Rosenstein knows what the Directors of National Intelligence know. And he knows they will not hesitate to declassify additional information, should he try to lie to Congress.

Prior to leaving his role in the Justice Department, Rosenstein skated Congress in explaining his role in the conspiracy. At the time, Rosenstein had enough coverage by legacy swamp rats to escape further scrutiny. However, those days ended months ago when Trump’s team took over the DOJ.

Despite Rosenstein’s ability to slither out of harm’s way, a professional skill most DC denizens happily put on their resumes, Rosenstein won’t wriggle out of this one.

He greenlit the illegal investigation, so testimony presents him with two choices: (1) take personal responsibility, which he will never do. Or (2) throw others under the bus.

With the walls closing in on the entire cabal, I suspect Rosenstein will err on the side of reality and start pointing fingers.

How could Rosenstein greenlight an investigation of the magnitude of Mueller’s on such flimsy evidence? One answer: collusion to commit treason. That’s what Rosenstein and many others did in order to defeat whomever the Republicans nominated. As I’ve said before, for Democrats, targeting Trump wasn’t personal, just business.

The Senate offers no easy way for Rosenstein. He won’t face a softball inquiry like from co-conspirators Schiff and Nadler, both noticeably absent these days. Rosenstein knows a much more difficult time awaits. And the new evidence makes his dance among the minefields potentially much more dangerous.

You can bet the communication lines (secure, of course) are burning up with Democrats threatening one another, or trying to get their stories to line up. Their problem is there are far too many conspirators, and too many deals to be cut.

No doubt many of these swamp rats have decided to save their hides. What’s been told? Rosenstein has no idea.

As I say often on my radio show, this genie is too fat to get back in the bottle. Expect more dominoes to fall soon.


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