George Floyd Separates Biden from Liberal Base

Liberals know Joe Biden is no beacon of light. He’s yet to uphold a single moral standard. Still, Dems expected more from the old creep, especially in light of George Floyd’s death.

Democrats know they’re barely getting half a man when they contemplate putting Joe Biden on the ballot. But even leftists were surprised that the former VP didn’t offer much of a response to Floyd’s death and the growing tensions surrounding the event.

Now, more than 50 liberal groups banded together to send Biden a message, calling his reaction “far from sufficient.” And if telling blacks they “ain’t black” wasn’t enough to alienate them, his reply to the Floyd protesters will surely cost Biden the black vote.

Fox News elaborates:

“As the presumptive Democratic nominee for President, you have a moral responsibility in this moment,“ the letter, reported by The Washington Post, says. “Making amends for the harm you’ve caused is an important first step, but it is no longer enough.”

The letter, which claims “violence and racism pervades and defines our policing and criminal justice systems” says Biden “designed and endorsed policies that have significantly exacerbated these problems.”

“As a Senator, you not only supported but in many cases authored and championed laws that expanded mass incarceration, increased police powers, and exacerbated racial disparities in surveillance and sentencing,” the letter says. “These laws broke apart Black communities and robbed many young Black people of a future. They are a part of the history that has led us to this moment, and their ongoing fallout has contributed to the outpourings of grief and anger we are seeing today.”

And apparently, liberals are distressed by Biden’s efforts to put his money where his mouth is.

Biden’s Plan

Biden’s current plan for reelection promises to add $300M in funding for police programs. That’s a far-cry from the defunding liberals now seek.

Fox continues:

The letter [also] says his campaign stance of what they describe as a Harding-like “return to normalcy” is insufficient — even going so far as to suggest that his election victory could be at risk with such a stance.

“You cannot win the election without the enthusiastic support of Black voters, and how you act in this moment of crisis will play a big role in determining how Black voters — and all voters concerned with racial justice — respond to your candidacy. A ‘return to normalcy’ will not suffice,” the letter reads.

The letter is signed by groups including the Bernie Sanders-linked Our Revolution, Black Votes Matter, the League of United Latin American Citizens, Working Families Party, United We Dream Action and the Sunrise Movement.

Of course, Biden has more problems than his response to George Floyd’s death.

Biden’s Transgressions

While we know Biden creeps out the female population, liberals can now add ‘racist’ to Biden’s list of transgressions.

Of course, on paper Biden doesn’t look too bad.

He called for Congress to ban chokeholds. And Biden also called to create a model “use of force” standard and to improve oversight and accountability of police forces.

He has also committed to creating a national police oversight board within his first 100 days as president. But he has so far stayed far away from supporting calls to defund police departments.

“While I do not believe federal dollars should go to police departments violating people’s rights or turning to violence as the first resort, I do not support defunding police,” he said in a recent USA Today op-ed. “The better answer is to give police departments the resources they need to implement meaningful reforms, and to condition other federal dollars on completing those reforms.”

But it’s easy for someone like Biden to create lip service. He’s done it for 40 years. The problem comes when people expect action. And now that American’s are used to a president who delivers, Biden won’t satisfy voters.

Talking Heads

Biden is clearly all talk, no action. But he went so far as to tell Twitter followers he knows exactly what to do in times like these.

But if we really want answers, we’ve got them! As Mike Pence explained:

As the president spoke in Dallas last week, he’s made it clear that while we’re going to take a step today to provide new resources to law enforcement to help them embrace higher standards on de-escalation and the use of force and…information-sharing,” he promised.
“Nobody hates bad cops more than good cops. And, most of the men and women who put on a uniform of law enforcement every day are really the best of us. We know that. So, we’re going to take these steps today to help improve policing, to move that process forward as a country in the wake of these tragic events and the violence that ensued,” Pence remarked further.

True to his word, Trump signed the order today.

And instead of celebrating another stellar achievement from our President, democrats are giving the legislation the cold shoulder.

However, Trump worked to strike a “conciliatory tone while also expressing strong support for police before officially signing the order, which he characterized as promoting “the highest professional standards.” He also said, “These standards will be as high and as strong as there is on Earth.”

“We’re united by our desire to ensure peace and dignity and equality for all Americans,” Trump said, noting that he met with the family of Ahmaud Arbery, who died at the hands of two white men earlier this year in a high-profile case in Georgia, and families of other victims of racially-charged violence.

“These are incredible people … and it’s so sad. Many of these families lost their loved ones in deadly interactions with police … All Americans mourn by your side, your loved ones will not have died in vain,” Trump said. “I can promise to fight for justice for all of our people. And I gave a commitment to all of those families … We are going to pursue what we said we will be pursuing it, and we will be pursuing it strongly.”




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