Kavanaugh Accuser ADMITTED She Lied

In case you missed it, I called the Kavanaugh accusers “lying skanks.” And I was right.

Despite being right, I was fired by Fox News. I remember being told that Fox News has female Democrats working at the company, and those women would be offended at my comment.

I thought to myself, “If you’re mad at my comment, then you must be a skank!”

Next, I thought, “Who cares!”. My statement is no less true! I was asked to take it back, but didn’t. I stood on principle and took my lumps. Because I knew I was right. And it didn’t take long for me to be proven right.

From Lifezette,

During his confirmation hearings before the United States Senate, a number of women made unsubstantiated claims that Justice Brett Kavanaugh had sexually assaulted them or observed sexual assaults against other women.

Many of those claims have been found wanting in light of additional FBI investigations, for lack of evidence, or as witnesses who say none of these sexual assaults ever happened came forward. Now, a woman who claimed Kavanaugh had raped her admits they’ve ever even met. Grassley referred Judy Munro-Leighton for criminal prosecution and revealed her actions were part of a ploy to take down Kavanaugh’s nomination.

Munro-Leighton exposed what ALL the Kavanaugh accusers did. NONE, repeat NONE of them were truthful. And everybody, including Fox News knew it.

Here’s how the ruse worked, according to the letter:

Under questioning by Committee investigators, Ms. Munro-Leighton admitted, contrary to her prior claims, that she had not been sexually assaulted by Judge Kavanaugh and was not the author of the original “Jane Doe” letter.  When directly asked by  Committee  investigators  if  she  was,  as  she  had  claimed,  the  “Jane  Doe”  from  Oceanside  California who had sent the letter to Senator Harris, she admitted: “No, no, no.  I did that as a way to grab attention.

She further confessed to Committee investigators that (1) she “just wanted to get attention”; (2) “it was a tactic”; and (3) “that was just a ploy.”  She told Committee investigators that she had called Congress multiple times during the Kavanaugh hearing process – including prior to the time Dr.  Ford’s  allegations  surfaced  –  to  oppose  his  nomination.

Regarding  the  false  sexual-assault allegation she made via her email to the Committee, she said: “I was angry, and I sent it out.” When asked by Committee investigators whether she  had  ever  met  Judge  Kavanaugh,  she  said:  “Oh Lord, no.”

Oh Lord, no.

While this article may appear to be news, this information has been known since 2018. This “news” is merely a formality now that the accuser decided to go on record.


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