Mexican Man FIRED for Making White Power Sign

For years, people have tossed around the old saying “this world’s gone crazy.” But it’s no longer something said in jest.

Imagine this: You’re driving along in your work truck, minding your own business. You’re listening to the radio without a care in the world.

You work on your “trucker’s tan”, as your arm dangles out the window, moving to the beat of the song.

Later that day you find out you’ve been fired. Because you’re a racist!

That what happened to a man in San Diego, according to NBC 7:

San Diego Gas and Electric employee was fired after a stranger posted to Twitter a photo of the man making the white power symbol with his hand while in a company truck. Emmanuel Cafferty says he was just cracking his knuckles, but he was suspended and a few days later, fired.

It all started about two weeks ago near a Black Lives Matter rally in Poway when Emmanuel Cafferty, a San Diego Gas and Electric employee, encountered a stranger on the roadway.

The stranger followed Cafferty and took a picture of him as his arm hung out the window of his company truck.

The picture made the rounds on Twitter accompanied by a claim Cafferty was making a “white power” hand gesture made popular by white supremacists groups.

This story is frightening. No one even asked Cafferty what he was doing before terminating his employment. Further, the immediate conclusion was “he’s a racist.” Last I looked, Mexicans were brown people too. And according to Cafferty, he was cracking his knuckles. Based on the pictures I saw, I’d call his hand gesture the “ok” sign. I’m not sure on what planet that turned into a racist symbol. But there’s a bigger problem here.

Cafferty was accused, tried and convicted on social media before he even knew what was going on. This should be a red flag for every American out there. Even the leftists. Because “innocent until proven guilty” is one of our core values. At least it was.

Overly Woke

It makes matters worse that the accuser has since admitted the error of his ways. Because the company didn’t think twice before concluding they jumped to the right conclusion. In fact, I’d like the play by play of their so-called investigation, as it likely amounted to nothing.

The article continues:

SDG&E said in a statement: “We hold all SDG&E employees to a high standard and expect them to live up to our values every day. We conducted a good faith and thorough investigation that included gathering relevant information and multiple interviews, and took appropriate action.”

NBC 7 spoke to the man who originally posted the picture on Twitter. He has since deleted his account and said he may have gotten “spun up” about the interaction and misinterpreted it. He says he never intended for Cafferty to lose his job.

But this isn’t the first time someone caused a stir over a few hand gestures.

I’ve always known not to throw around the middle finger (unless of course I meet Hillary Clinton), but the ok sign? When did it become laden with ugliness?

Back in December, before George Floyd’s death created a tailspin in our society, West Point Cadets were accused of bigotry.

According to RT:

Army and Navy cadets accused of flashing “white power” hand signals during a televised football game have been absolved of “racist” intent, a military investigation determined, instead finding it was part of an “innocent game.”

Confirming what many had already surmised, the military’s internal investigation said the cadets were not motivated by “ideologies or movements that are contrary to the Army values” in displaying the gestures at the football match last weekend – known to most as the ‘OK’ symbol.

“We investigated this matter thoroughly. Last Saturday we had reason to believe these actions were an innocent game and not linked to extremism, but we must take allegations such as these very seriously,” Lieutenant General Darryl Williams, 60th superintendent of the US Military Academy, said in a statement on Friday.

Williams was referring to the ‘circle game’, in which one player makes a circle with their hand and holds it below waist-level, attempting to make others look at it. The game has been played in schoolyards, workplaces and, apparently, military academies across the country for decades.

Seriously, does anyone think a bunch of college kids getting silly at a football game warrants another expensive investigation? From where I stand, our military has better things to do.

Twitter was just as furious over Cafferty’s firing.

Now the question remains: Is it safe to say OK? Or has the gesture become an epic panty-twister?








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