New Signs of a Trump Election LANDSLIDE

Americans loved the feeling of success under Trump. We find the sensation of success scintillating, particularly after 8 years of pain under Barack Obama.

That amazing elation Americans felt pre-meltdown now returns. And it will manifest at the polls this November.

Fear not; Trump will serve a second term. And he will enjoy both a Republican-controlled House and the Senate to get work done for the American people.

Before I give you the reasoning behind my predictions, let’s look at what led up to the overwhelming support of President Trump, even as Democrats tried to destroy him in their latest attack on the economy and the race war they hoped to create.

In what can only be described as a reign of terror or The Dark Ages of America, the Obama administration sunk the country into multiple depressions. Let’s look at the “financial” depression.

Financial depression

Financially speaking, printing trillions of unbacked money hid the reality of Obama’s feckless monetary policies. Obama used every “crisis” to add to the national debt; almost doubling it by the end of his term. Undoubtedly, the largest money-grab in the history of the world occurred on his watch.

Quantitative easing covered Obama’s indescribable ignorance in finance. But while Obama performed pitifully in finance, his divisiveness created additional depressions; mental depressions.

Mental depression

The #MeToo movement grew, showcasing the hatred of all men, not just bad ones. Unchecked, this movement set women back decades, as lying skanks were revealed. The case of Justice Brett Kavanaugh will undoubtedly be remembered for the damage it caused on multiple fronts.

The LGBTQ movement accomplished much the same. Leftist members touted their disdain for the “cisgender”. They changed the way we see bathrooms, and crafted the most idiotic laws. Instead of gaining more acceptance, they managed to alienate prospective supporters.

Next, under Obama we learned the new term “intersectionality”. The word is used to describe the vulnerabilities one possesses.

How many weaknesses as described by Leftists can you possess? Are you a woman? Gay? Minority? Handicapped? Poor? You get the picture.

Based on the number of intersecting points, you know your social status or “intersectionality”. The more intersection points you claim, the better citizen of the world you are.

For example, a poor, black, Lesbian crippled woman ranks highest in society. A rich, white male? Well, obviously the lowest.

And the pity parties flourished under Obama.

Black Leftists wallowed in self-pity, blaming white people for all the ills in their self-described “black America”. Women lamented wage inequality, and the LGBTQ distressed over their perceived lack of sexual freedoms.

To gain social points, you “intersected” with these aggrieved groups. To gain a better understanding. The better your understanding, the more acceptance from Leftists.

During the Obama era, freeloaders gained power.

They demonstrated anger against self-made, hardworking capitalists, aka those who had their boots on the neck of the oppressed worker. At least that’s how Leftists describe capitalists.

Leftists sued capitalists for not baking “gay wedding” cakes, and for hosts of other insane reasons. The message to business owners: capitulate to the new societal norms or die by a thousand lawsuits.

Religious depression

With capitalism flanked, Leftists went for the jugular: they attacked religion.

Non-believers attacked the religious in what could only be described as a new Leftist religion. This was most recently demonstrated during the lockdown, as pastors were arrested for having mobile church services. You could pick up food and other products remotely, but no soul-saving services allowed. Those policies continued in some places even after the lockdown hypocrisy got exposed during the riots related to George Floyd.

Under Obama, the cauldron of Leftists’ hatred boiled. And Obama watched as the proverbial Rome burned.

But Obama’s reign will prove to be far worse than any. History will record that Obama ran the most corrupt administration in American history.

Obama blatantly lied to the American people in his money-grab on healthcare. Countless people died due to his foolhardy legislation. Yet the media and other Leftists were silent on just how bad Obamacare was.

Things got worse, as Obama felt the pressure of his office; an office for which he was wholly and admittedly unprepared.

Veterans died on waiting list, citizens were targeted by the IRS for their political ideology, guns were illegally allowed to enter Mexico, and citizens died in Benghazi. These scandals represent only a small part of Obama’s insubordination, and those examples showcased only his domestic failures. His foreign policy would embarrass any reasonable person.

Obama drew red lines that countries readily crossed. Syria scoffed at Obama’s threats, and Iran’s nuclear program proliferated. Russia mocked Obama his entire presidency, even invading Crimea and expanding Russian authority and influence throughout much of Europe.

China devalued American currency, stole intellectual property, and used Obama to build the largest economy in the world at the time. Obama’s parting words as president were the new norms of outsourcing to China and the massive annual trade deficit of $375 billion. A trade deficit larger than the GDP of Saudi Arabia.

Obama was equally reckless with the rest of the world in trade. America’s annual deficit approaching $400 billion–excluding China–when he left office. America’s total GDP under Obama was large enough to be the 19th largest country on the planet.

The only way history will look at the Obama era is scorched earth.

And then came Trump.

Trump will go down in history as the most pivotal president in modern history. He united the country and brought America from the brink of disaster.

I won’t walk you through all that Trump has accomplished, as you likely know much of it. You can’t help but love Trump’s accomplishments. If you have a job and money in the stock market, you’re winning. And you will keep winning as the special election in California indicated.

Flipping the House

Who would have thought that California was savable? This state has stacked the deck against Republicans in every possible way. Yet, a Republican flipped a Democrat House district.

Republican Mike Garcia defeated Democrat Christy Smith in the runoff for a House seat in the Los Angeles suburbs. This seat had been held by a Democrat since 1998.

The election occurred to fill the remainder of Rep. Katie Hill’s first term. And Garcia, a defense industry executive crushed Democratic state Assemblywoman Smith of Santa Clarita by double digits.

The 25th Congressional District, which includes Palmdale, Porter Ranch, Santa Clarita, Simi Valley and part of Lancaster, is back in Republican hands.

Consider the elements of this win. California. During the time of the Chinese Wuhan Virus Hoax of 2020 and the ensuing economic meltdown, a Republican won.

What about that meltdown?

Democrats tried to use the Chinese Wuhan Virus Hoax of 2020 to put Trump in his political grave. But something dramatically different happened, as pointed out by NY Magazine:

Five months ago, America’s unemployment rate was at a half-century low, wages were rising, consumer confidence was high — and Donald Trump’s approval stood at about 43 percent.

Since then, more than 30 million Americans have lost their jobs, the U.S. economy has descended into its worst crisis since the Great Depression, a (still-uncontained) pandemic has killed 80,000 Americans, the president has advised voters that they may be able to cure themselves of the coronavirus by injecting bleach — and his approval rating now stands at about 44 percent.

Remember what I wrote earlier? About Americans loving the feeling of success under Trump?

Never has America felt more confident about the future. And not just our financial future, but our future in general.

Trump inspires an unprecedented level of confidence. Americans know the economy will heal, despite attempts by Leftists to take it down. Moreover, they know where to put the blame when it comes to the economic hit that occurred with the lockdowns.

The California special election is a glaring indicator of the future for Democrats. Americans have seen enough. And district by district Democrats will soon feel the wrath of the voting public. A public high on Trump.

Moreover, Democrats’ attempt to cause a race war completely backfired. The obvious pander to blacks by Democrats can be spotted by Stevie Wonder.



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