Police Free Zone Ruffles Reporter

It was only a matter of time before leftists started crying out for the police. And frankly, I’m surprised it took this long.

In a sad effort to mimic the madness in Seattle, Washington, DC protesters tried to create a cop-free zone.

But things didn’t quite go as planned. Especially when a bikini-clad mad-man went into attack mode.

As Fox News explains:

The would-be attacker, dressed in a pink bra and panties, ran at [NBC’s Andrea Mitchell] and House of Representatives Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton as they stood in the street with a cameraperson, but was quickly moved away by security.

Mitchell wasn’t on air at the time, but the incident was recorded.

And wouldn’t ya know it, but these cuckoo birds started looking for the police.

Fox continues:

Afterward, a person – some have claimed it was Mitchell, while others say it was Norton, – asks, “Where are the police when you need them?”  Mitchell is then seen pointing several blocks away and saying there are ‘a million” police officers over there.

On social media, critics jabbed at Norton, a liberal politician who has been critical of the police, as well as Mitchell, who is also widely viewed as liberal.

“Someone should remind her that her party wants to abolish the police and give her the name of a good social worker,” Trump campaign senior adviser Katrina Pierson wrote on Twitter.

“While standing in the ‘Black House Autonomous Zone’ NBC reporter @mitchellreports was almost just attacked. Her first reaction was to ask where the police were,” Caleb Hull wrote.

“NBC News host Andrea Mitchell was nearly attacked by a crazy [person] today on camera. Her response to the incident was ‘Where are the police when you need them.’ You can hear her say this,” another user tweeted. “Ironically she was literally standing on a street painting that read ‘Defund the police.'”

Rescue 911

Personally, I think if you want to defund the police, you should forfeit your right to call upon their services. But that’s just my way of thinking. Apparently, the DC Police are still dedicated to protecting and serving, even in the no-cop zone.

Frankly, I expect to see hundreds of thousands of police officers walk away from the job as the tensions escalate around the country. In fact, according to the Daily Mail,

A new survey reveals almost three-quarters of Washington, D.C. cops are ready to quit the force, while violent crime is surging in New York City amid growing anti-police sentiment.

Protesters across the country are calling for police departments to be abolished or defunded following the death of George Floyd, sparking violent clashes between cops and demonstrators.

Floyd’s death has prompted politicians to pledge that they’ll make radical changes to their police departments – a move which has angered many officers.

Recently, DC passed emergency police reform. The bill requires additional training for officers, which is good. But some of the other demands are not so well-thought-out. For example, public naming of cops involved in shootings- that’s a terrible idea pre-investigation. Take the time to understand the circumstances before putting an officer in the line of public scrutiny.

It’s no wonder so many police are now disillusioned.

Last year, I wrote an article about our men and women in blue. They were begging politicians for support.

Rereading the post, I’m shocked at just how far we’ve gone in the wrong direction. Here’s what I wrote about the police who sacrificed their lives.

When you take a look at the demographics, the 30 police officers killed in the line of duty this year have some similarities. But honestly, there are no big patterns. They come from different age groups and ethnicities. Also, they represent different cultures.

They came from areas all over the country. Some always knew they wanted to be a cop. Others didn’t figure out their calling until later in life.

The one thing in common: they all wore blue.

It’s a pointed reminder that racism isn’t at the root of every police officer. For most, service is the calling.

Our team at The Black Sphere is passionate about supporting our police. And we’ve covered the war on cops since Obama set it in motion. Sadly, the war now rages stronger than ever. But defunding the police will be the fastest way to show leftists why we value the police.

Anybody want to join in for some Cop Karaoke? Bad boys, bad boy, what’cha gonna do?

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