Trump Seized the High Moral Ground

Leftists pretend to seek the high moral ground. In truth, they are the biggest scumbags and scoundrels on the planet. Rotten to their dark cores.

Michelle Obama said, “When they go low, we go high.”. On what planet? 

History will prove that her husband ran the most crooked administration in American history. And his “smooth transition of power” was a joke. Anybody think Michelle didn’t know?

President Trump has destroyed the Obama legacy. And Obama should be grateful. Trump saved America to such a degree Obama pretends that Trump inherited something special from his administration. What he really got was an economy built on massive debt, and a foreign policy that could have been endless fodder for stand-up comedians. After Trump scuttles the rest of Obama’s endless disasters, the country can rightfully forget about the first black president.

But Trump won’t stop there. He will still have the Democrats to trample.

He’s destroyed their narratives around immigration and trade. And he’s even taken a bite out of their pretense to care about NATO, the UN and the WHO. Trump put the entire New World Order on notice. He demanded they pay their bills or stop fraternizing with our enemies. Little by little Trump chips away at Leftist facades; lies perpetrated for decades. Trump exposed that Leftists care not about women, children, baby seals, or whales.

But what of the Party who booed God?

As we’ve learned, Democrats have a penchant for bringing up “God”, whenever they really want to sell their bullsh*t. Now Trump has stolen God back from the Democrats.

In case you wonder why the media went ape sh*t over Trump holding the Bible when he visited the church destroyed by “peaceful protesters”, Breitbart explains:

President Donald Trump walked across Lafayette Park on Monday evening after it had been cleared of demonstrators, and held aloft a Bible in front of the burned-out edifice of St. John’s Episcopal Church.

Democrats and the media were aghast, claiming the president had ordered “peaceful” protested tear-gassed merely so that he could hold a “photo-op.” In fact, Trump’s gestures held immense positive significance for the country and will likely be remembered that way.

As I wrote in an earlier article, Trump really knows how to trigger Leftists. His tweets send them off the deep end. But his personal appearances really have Leftists burning up the suicide hotlines.

In his latest effort, all it took was Trump holding one book…the Good Book.

The article continues,

Second, the president showed that he would not tolerate the desecration of a house of worship, especially if it was done, ostensibly, alongside a protest for the freedom of others.

The president swears to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Religious freedom, enshrined in the First Amendment, is fundamental. The torching of the church Sunday — like the defacing of synagogues in L.A. Saturday — was an attack on liberty itself.

Third, and most important, was the president’s embrace of the Bible. The president was reminding the nation who we are: people of the Book, or many books, a nation bound by the words of a covenant, and grounded in moral precepts.

Against a mob, and a media, unable to distinguish between right and wrong, or between assembly and anarchy, the president reaffirmed the idea that there is a higher authority above us all, and a common, if unspoken, set of principles.

Every successful protest movement in American history has spoken directly to those same ideas. The way that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. led the civil rights movement to victory, for example, was by appealing to the fundamental Judeo-Christian precepts upon which the nation was based. He shamed his opponents by pointing to the principles from which they had deviated, but which they, too, embraced. That caused conflict, but it also enabled reconciliation.

A subtle reminder of right versus wrong, and symbolic to the many people who believe in God.

If Breitbart is right and President Trump reminded people of the civil rights leaders of the past, then he might have disconnected that invisible chord that connects black people to the Democrats.

Breitbart continues,

The media, and the crowd, did not realize it, but Trump had seized the moral high ground in that moment. He reached into the mainframe of the American machine and rebooted it with the source code that is the common basis for all we do.

A liberal rabbi complained on Twitter that Trump was “using a CHURCH as the symbol of his declaration of war on the people of this country.” Wrong: the Book was his symbol, not of a war on the people, but a common defense.

The president has long since accepted, and embraced, the idea of justice for George Floyd. The protests are no longer about justice. Instead they’re about the power of the far left, and the media, to bring the country to its knees.

For those who write to me or call my radio show asking questions of how we can all agree about the policeman’s act against Floyd yet still protest, Breitbart answered that question.


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