UFC’s Jon Jones Tangles with Antifa (video)

UFC’s Jon Jones has his share of problems. But when it comes to his neighborhood, he apparently had seen enough of Antifa.

So he took matters into his own hands.

As I’ve said of Antifa and all other Leftists groups, they are pansies when they aren’t part of a mob. And in the case of Jon Jones, they would have needed a mob, if they made the mistake of attacking him.

In the end, Jones confiscates their spray cans. Maybe his confiscation has something to do with these white kids damaging the reputation of the black community?

Look at the two example videos below.

In the first one, a white dude plays the perfect role of instigator. He tells black kids where and what to loot. Because this has everything to do with the death of George Floyd. Just look at the distraught faces of all the “protesters”. People ready to burn down communities over lies.


In the second video, we see more heartfelt emotion surrounding the death of George Floyd. This woman believes she protests for the right reason. She epitomizes the real peaceful protesters.

She sees two white chicks in Antifa garb deface a Starbucks. The women spray “BLM” in black paint on the building. The black chick makes it clear that this crime was not done by blacks, as she publicly voices her disapproval.

The list of these atrocities by whites is too long to write one article about. But know that white racists are behind much of this anarchy. These instigators and enablers represent the worst of humanity and the best of Democrats. They have no concern for black people or the perceived plight of blacks; as if blacks have a different plight than non-blacks.

Sadly, far too many black Leftists happily play along. They are the real sellouts to the black community. They pretend to have a spirit of unity. In truth, they damage the black community more than any white ever could. And that’s why vile white racists fund their causes.

Back to Jones

Jones is now concentrating his efforts on cleaning the streets of Albuquerque. And he’s challenging the real men to step forward and help.

I was glad to see Jon Jones inject himself into the mix. More of America’s notables need to speak out for the cause of righteousness.

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