Watch NYPD Drive By a Public Gunfight (video)

I’m really curious as to what it will take to put sanity back into Leftist America. Given how police are reacting, I suspect we will find out soon enough.

I’m fascinated by cop shows, both reality and those produced by Hollyweird. I like the beat-cop shows like Cops, as well as detective shows like First 48. I watch when I can, and I am almost always saddened by the state of the country. The senseless crimes, mostly murders, show just how low humanity can sink.

The reality is that most of the shows involve black on black crime. Black people killing each other over chump change. The nonchalance about life is frightening. And for those who believe in the racist nonsense of Black Lives Matter, you are distorted. Not just part of the problem, but a BIG part of the problem.

Apologists for a movement started by racists, and built on anarchy. And in this video, you get to see an example of anarchy.

Watch as an NYPD cruiser drives by blacks shooting at each other.

In the normal world, these officers would have called for back-up and taken some brazen criminals off the street. But not this time. Blue Flu, perhaps.

And what of those guns? Here’s what it takes to get a legal handgun in NYC:

Is it easy to get a permit in the city?

The National Rifle Association-Institute of Legislative Action says it is incredibly hard to get a gun permit in the city compared to other places. Moreover, the license to carry a concealed gun is the hardest to get. It is given on a “may issue” basis, which means you can be denied the privilege of carrying the gun around even if you own one. This is different from many other states and cities in the country, which do not require you to have a license to carry a concealed gun. Neither New York City or New York state allows a gun to be openly carried.

How are New York City laws stricter than most, including New York State?

The state and the city both maintain strict gun policies. For example, you are not allowed to openly carry a gun anywhere in the state. The state and the city also both prohibit the purchase of assault rifles, even though federal laws against such purchases have expired. Some states, like Texas, do not even require a permit for anyone who wants to get a gun.

In New York City, you have to apprise the license division of any development in your life that has involved interaction with law enforcement. For example, if you were involved in a domestic dispute and the police came to the scene, you have to update the license division.

The NYPD does not allow a New York City gun license to be used outside of the city. The city also does not honor gun permits from outside its jurisdiction, including New York State.

Anybody think the shooters in the video had legal guns?

Right now, most of this criminal activity is isolated in mostly minority neighborhoods. But it will spread. And when it reaches the elitist whites in their gated communities, you will see wholesale changes. Until then, the war on cops rages.

Anybody wondering if black voters will reconsider the Democratic Party when they go to the polls? Or is that just a given now?


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