America Gets Woke: Will the Real Racists Please Stand Up?

America really is getting woke. And Americans figured out who the real racists are.

Black Lives Matter exposed the racist underbelly of black Leftists. As the media give attention to this obviously racist group, they also expose the group’s Marxist roots. Although BLM seems to have gained traction, their end nears.
The more America and the world learn about this group and its supporters, the more “woke” we all become. That term has been used to describe (non-black) people who understand their inherent racism. But now the real lesson gets taught.
Consider the recent poll results from Rasmussen.

Americans believe blacks are more racist than whites, Hispanics and Asians in this country.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 75% of American Adults think the term “racism” refers to any discrimination by people of one race against another. Just 15% say it refers only to discrimination by white people against minorities. These findings have changed little in surveys for the past several years. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Eighteen percent (18%) say most white Americans are racist. But 25% believe most black Americans are racist. Fifteen percent (15%) think most Hispanic-Americans are racist, while nearly as many (13%) say the same of most Asian-Americans.

Nothing’s Changed

What’s worse for leftists is the fact that these numbers mirror numbers from 2013. Which means even under Obama, Americans identified blacks as the most racist group.

The article continues:

Among adults who think racism refers only to discrimination by whites, 36% consider most white Americans racist versus 21% who feel that way about most black Americans. Sixteen percent (16%) of these adults say most Hispanic-Americans are racist, and 19% feel most Asian-Americans are racist.

Among Americans who identify racism as any discrimination by people of one race against another, 15% say most whites in this country are racist, compared to 27% of blacks. Fifteen percent (15%) of these adults think most Hispanic-Americans are racist, as are 13% of Asian-Americans.

More Race Relations

Sadly, the survey also reveals the effect our crooked media has on our society. Trump has done more for the black community that any modern president before him. Before this pandemic hoax, Trump nearly wiped out black unemployment. He gave more money to HBCU’s and created prison reform. If these moves didn’t improve race relations, there’s only one culprit to blame: the leftist media.

The mainstream media refuses to offer fair coverage of the President and his accomplishments.

As such, most people have a clouded view of reality.

Rasmussen continues:

Only 25% of Americans think race relations in this country are getting better, while 43% say they are getting worse. Twenty-eight percent (28%) of blacks – and 22% of all Americans – think most Americans are racist.

Three-quarters of whites, blacks and other minorities agree that racism refers to any discrimination by people of one race against another.

Blacks see themselves, whites, Hispanics and Asians as equally racist. Whites consider themselves more racist than Hispanics and Asians in this country but less racist than blacks.

Other minority Americans view blacks as much more racist than whites, Hispanics and Asians.

Democrats (21%) are more likely than Republicans (10%) and those not affiliated with either major party (12%) to see racism as referring only to discrimination by white people. Democrats see whites as the most racist group of Americans. Republicans and unaffiliated adults view blacks as the most racist.

Honestly, people live and work together all the time regardless of race. But leftists want us to all believe discrimination is dominant in our day to day lives. But it’s only dominant in the day to day lives of Democrats. They are the party that supported racism. Or as Kevin Jackson would call them- the party of lynching Negroes.




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