Asheville NC Offers Token Reparations

Asheville, NC got “woke”. So the town voted unanimously to give blacks token reparations.

Actually a better way to put this is they gave tokens reparations. 

One thing is for sure, this is a token gesture.

As Yahoo reported,

The city council of Asheville, North Carolina, has unanimously voted to provide reparations to Black residents and their descendants.

According to the resolution, viewed by Insider, Asheville officials plan to allocate funds to help reduce racial disparities in minority business ownership, access to affordable housing, and career opportunities. The city will also work to close racial disparity gaps in healthcare, education, and the criminal justice system.

The resolution was approved by city council members in a 7-0 vote on Tuesday.

What kind of antebellum Jim Crow nonsense is this?

Take a look at any of these issues and show me what Asheville NC will do. For example, “reduce racial disparities in minority business ownership”. Will the city stop non-blacks from starting businesses? OR will they make blacks start businesses? Because correct me if I’m wrong, but it IS legal for black folks to start businesses in Asheville, is it not?

Thanks for NOTHING!

I’m not a “Reparations Negro”, but if I were, I would see through this bullsh*t!

I want MONEY, Asheville Bitches! M-O-N-E-Y!

“Access to affordable housing?!” Seriously! I want access to UNAFFORDABLE housing. I want to live where the white folks live. Isn’t that what reparations is all about?!

The article continues,

In the resolution, officials say the reparations are a first step in making amends for the city’s role in slavery, segregation, and an urban renewal program that “destroyed multiple, successful black communities.”

But city council members told Insider that Asheville still has a long way to go.

Councilwoman Julie Mayfield said that voting for reparations was “an important first step in starting to right hundreds of years of wrongs and to repair the damage done during that time.”

“The City is not the only entity that needs to or can act — the resolution calls on the County and private organizations to join us in our apologies and to address racism within their own structures,” she told Insider. “The resolution also calls on the state and federal governments to address reparations, as this is a societal debt that needs to be paid at every level. There is much work for us to do, and we are excited to get started.”

They are excited to get started.

Well, I can’t wait for Phase II.

This will hopefully be the phase where Asheville’s “woke” white people give all their goodies to black people. And on that note I have a suggestion.

All Asheville city council people relinquish their homes to a black person. Put your reparations where your mouth is, so to say.

How about President Trump issue an executive order whereby any white person who discusses reparations, should:

  • Give his or her job to the nearest black person
  • Relinquish his or her possessions to the nearest black person

You want to see blacks and whites hanging together, issue that EO. I will attend NOTHING but Hollywood cocktail parties, where I try to trick dumbass white Leftists into saying, “reparations” so I can take their fat homes in Beverly Hills.

“SAY IT…REPARATIONS, George Clooney!”


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