Californians DEFY Governor Newsom and PANIC Democrats

In case you wonder if the lunatics run the asylum, I offer a few clues. But first, let me explain why you could feel disappointed in America.

First, the fake news media reports on BLM and other racist, Marxist nonsense as if it’s mainstream. Trust me it’s not.

Second, social media promotes Leftist clowns as if they are mainstream. Far too many of these communists get their 15 seconds of fame.

So between the various media, one might feel like we are losing. But fear not. Take a look at what happened in Los Angeles CA, caught on video. James Woods tweeted about it, as the news broadcast the event.

Note the graphic below the video: illegal fireworks.

When someone like Governor Newsome is in charge, of course CA banned fireworks. They said it’s because of the potential for fire. But is that really the case? I suggest to you that Governor Newsom banned fireworks because he didn’t want Californians to know just how patriotic the citizens are.

As the news reported, heavy fines could occur, if the fireworks ban is disobeyed. Apparently, the citizens of CA didn’t care.

As a reminder, a Republican won the Congressional seat in CA-25 defeating the Democrats by 12 points.

How ’bout them masks?

I’ve discussed the masks repeatedly. As far as I’m concerned, masks are the mark of the beast spoken about in Revelation in the Bible. I don’t wear the stupid things. Because I’m smart enough to recognize the game.

The government “mandates” wearing masks as part of their game to manipulate. Can they get us to do something willingly, even when no serious danger exists? And they succeed every day.

The next phase of the experiment is turn mask wearers against non-mask wearers. Social division. There are many examples of that happening right now. People attacked for not wearing masks. And Leftists now saying wearing a mask is not for you, but for those you should protect.

So now, not wearing a mask is tantamount to killing others? Since when?

Be not dismayed.

As the video from LA shows, we completely outnumber Leftists. That’s been true for decades, but now it will become more evident. I predict you will soon see more demonstrations FOR America, than against America. And when Leftists figure out that they are indeed the minority, they will scurry like the rats they are.

America longed for the correction the Trump administration brought. It’s been a long time coming. Trump’s election exposed the filthy underbelly of Leftism that crept closer to the surface than ever before. Now all of America sees it.

America is both scared and motivated. Democrats fleeing their party are scared. But Republicans who have been pushed too far are motivated. Both will make their voices heard on November 3.

And when Trump is re-elected, America will swing back swiftly to truth. Not to the right or center, but to truth.

Leftists believe their experiment has paid off. But they will soon see God’s hand in all of this. Understand, this is not good news for Leftists.

The media dare not show all the cities where citizens gave the finger to state governments. Nor will they show all the celebrations of America’s independence. They chose instead to make people believe the majority of Americans hate this country. But that’s clearly not the case.


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