CDC Director’s “Expert” Opinion on Masks

Do experts even exist in government? I don’t think so.

I suspect most government “experts” are resume-bloating elitists who have gotten through life unchallenged in their beliefs. Climate “experts” come to mind, as I recall Obama’s “settled science” on weather.

Ponchahanti Bill knows more about the weather than Obama’s climate “experts”, and their “settled science”. The same is true of the Chinese WuFlu, aka COVID-19.

During a press conference on Monday afternoon the Director for the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Robert Redfield, propagated the mask farce suggesting that American could stop the WuFlu. “Over the next six weeks we could drive [the virus] into the ground,” if we just wear those pesky masks.

Forget that masks violate a few tenets, like (1) common sense, (2) nature, and (3) OSHA.

On the common sense front, your body doesn’t like breathing carbon dioxide. Here is the chemical makeup of air:

  • Nitrogen– N2– 78.084%
  • Oxygen– O2– 20.9476%
  • Argon– Ar — 0.934%
  • Carbon Dioxide– CO2– 0.0314%
  • Neon– Ne — 0.001818%
  • Methane– CH4– 0.0002%
  • Helium– He — 0.000524%
  • Krypton– Kr — 0.000114%
  • Hydrogen– H2– 0.00005%
  • Xenon– Xe — 0.0000087%

Your body needs nitrogen and oxygen…period. Even ARGON is needed in more at 29X more than CO2.

So I’d love for a government “scientist” to explain these ratios to me. In lieu of that, I looked for myself. As it turns out, every time you take a breath, you breathe in roughly 21 percent oxygen. However, your lungs are only able to extract about a fifth of that oxygen. The rest gets breathed right back out again.

But here’s the interesting part. While CO2 is only 0.03 percent of that breath you took, what you breath out is 4 percent CO2. That’s 133 TIMES more CO2 out than in.

Arguably, some of that CO2 escapes through even the worst of masks. However, far more CO2 remains than the body needs.

So now imagine breathing in 0.3 percent CO2 versus the normal 0.03 percent. That’s 10 times more CO2 than you would take in a normal breath.

Government “scientists” say that small amount of CO2 is no big deal.

To that I activate my super power of common sense and say then show me studies that PROVE that wearing a mask has no impact on performance. I want to see track athletes for example perform their races in masks, and see who has the better performance.

Let’s look at what OSHA says:

OSHA also emphasizes that surgical masks and cloth face coverings, including in the construction industry, are not acceptable substitutes where respirators are required due to exposures to contaminants such as asbestos or silica.

“In general, employers should always rely on a hierarchy of controls that first includes efforts to eliminate or substitute out workplace hazards and then uses engineering controls (e.g., ventilation, wet methods), administrative controls (e.g., written procedures, modification of task duration), and safe work practices to prevent worker exposures to respiratory hazards, before relying on personal protective equipment, such as respirators. When respirators are needed, OSHA’s guidance describes enforcement discretion around use of respirators, including in situations in which it may be necessary to extend the use of or reuse certain respiratorsuse respirators beyond their manufacturer’s recommended shelf life, and/or use respirators certified under the standards of other countries or jurisdictions.

In other words, masks don’t work.

Their first suggestion: eliminate the workplace hazard. In this case, that means COVID-19. Well until Trump gets re-elected, WuFlu remains. So the workplace hazard will continue for Leftists. And neither OSHA nor Leftist governors will regulate how the unwashed masses will deal with their filthy masks.

Ironically, leftists seem concerned with CO2 levels when it comes to the environment. So much so that not long ago, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wanted to regulate cow farts. But when it comes to Americans’ health, the environmentalists are eerily quiet. Perhaps it’s because they can’t catch their breath?



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