Clinton Campaign Kept Weinstein Secret

The arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell brought the case of Jeffrey Epstein back into the news. But the Democrats have more blood on their hands than that of one Jewish sexual pervert.

Remember former Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein. The other Jewish Leftist-approved rapist, and in fact “the original?”

Weinstein is the father of the #MeToo movement; a movement that has many powerful Leftist grandfathers and great-grandfathers.

As it turns out, just like in the Epstein case, the Clintons knew Weinstein was a rapist.

According to the New York Times:

HARVEY WEINSTEIN BUILT his complicity machine out of the witting, the unwitting and those in between. He commanded enablers, silencers and spies, warning others who discovered his secrets to say nothing. He courted those who could provide the money or prestige to enhance his reputation as well as his power to intimidate.

In the weeks and months before allegations of his methodical abuse of women were exposed in October, Mr. Weinstein, the Hollywood producer, pulled on all the levers of his carefully constructed apparatus.

Collecting Dirt

Like all predators, Weinstein needed to groom his victims. And what easier way to do it, than to just collect a little dirt?

NYT continues:

He gathered ammunition, sometimes helped by the editor of The National Enquirer, who had dispatched reporters to find information that could undermine accusers. He turned to old allies, asking a partner in Creative Artists Agency, one of Hollywood’s premier talent shops, to broker a meeting with a C.A.A. client, Ronan Farrow, who was reporting on Mr. Weinstein. He tried to dispense favors: While seeking to stop the actress Rose McGowan from writing in a memoir that he had sexually assaulted her, he tried to arrange a $50,000 payment to her former manager and throw new business to a literary agent advising Ms. McGowan. The agent, Lacy Lynch, replied to him in an email: “No one understands smart, intellectual and commercial like HW.”

Mr. Weinstein’s final, failed round of manipulations shows how he operated for more than three decades: by trying to turn others into instruments or shields for his behavior, according to nearly 200 interviews, internal company records and previously undisclosed emails. Some aided his actions without realizing what he was doing. Many knew something or detected hints, though few understood the scale of his sexual misconduct. Almost everyone had incentives to look the other way or reasons to stay silent. Now, even as the tally of Mr. Weinstein’s alleged misdeeds is still emerging, so is a debate about collective failure and the apportioning of blame.

Any of this sound familiar? It certainly should. As the saying goes, “Birds of a feather flock together”.

Tactics used by Weinstein were the same tactics employed by the Clintons to cover up Bill Clinton’s sexual perversions. And as the media and the Leftist establishment protected Clinton, they obliged Weinstein as well.

The article continues,

Mr. Weinstein held off press scrutiny with a mix of threats and enticements, drawing reporters close with the lure of access to stars, directors and celebrity-packed parties. Some journalists negotiated book and movie deals with him even as they were assigned to cover him. The studio chief once paid a gossip writer to collect juicy celebrity tidbits that Mr. Weinstein could use to barter if other reporters stumbled onto an affair he was trying to keep quiet. He was so close to David J. Pecker, the chief executive of American Media Inc., which owns The Enquirer, that he was known in the tabloid industry as an untouchable “F.O.P.,” or “friend of Pecker.” That status was shared by a chosen few, including President Trump.

Disney, the kingdom of family-friendly entertainment, tightly controls its operations, but it allowed the Weinstein brothers to run the Miramax studio with virtual autonomy during the 12 years they were employees. (The pair wore T-shirts boasting “Corporately Irresponsible” to one company retreat.) Along with an impressive record of Oscars, Mr. Weinstein left Disney with a trail of settlements and claims of sexual misconduct that accumulated during his tenure. Disney, which says it was not aware of his alleged abuses, now faces accusations in a lawsuit that it “knew, should have known or was willfully blind.”

Walt Disney would roll over in his grave over this. Particularly over the parallels to the Arkansas Hillbillies who so closely mimic Weinstein’s situation.

Records show that Weinstein raised cash for Clinton. Worse, he helped Clinton gain feminist creds. Imagine the Clintons using a rapist to help Hillary Clinton–wife of a rapist–gain credibility as a protector of women.

Ah, the ironies and hypocrisies of Leftism.

The campaign was made aware of Weinstein, but didn’t care. They succumbed to the allure of Hollywood. Sold. Out. Because that’s what Leftism encourages. Sellouts.

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