Environmentalist Apologizes for Global Climate LIES

As if we needed this guy to fess up? Still a noted environmentalist apparently found Jesus and decided to admit to his lies.

His name is Michael Shellenberger. And he’s a noted environmentalist, well-known to those who have attempted to dupe the world for decades. 

Shellenberger’s TED talks have been viewed more than 5 million times. Also Shellenberger is a recipient of the Green Book Award, with “green” being the obvious indicator of what that award is about.

He’s written articles that have appeared frequently in the top Leftist rags. The New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, Scientific American, and many others.

But now he’s turned a new leaf.

Shellenberger recently released, “Apocalypse Never: Why Environmental Alarmism Hurts Us All.” And he compounded his repentance with an article published in Forbes. The article is titled: “On Behalf of Environmentalists, I Apologize for the Climate Scare.” Clearly, it was based on his new book.

Shellenberger tweeted his apology:

On behalf of environmentalists, I apologize for the climate scare Climate change is real but it’s not the end of the world It’s not even our most important environmental problem I am delivering my apology in the form of a book I hope you accept it

Almost as soon as the article went up, Forbes took it down. So what else is new, right?

Conservatives are used to these tactics, though Forbes doing it does surprise me. Still, the article has been reposted elsewhere.

For me, the question is why Shellenberger had a change of heart? He said in his tweet that he still believes climate change is real. However, he no longer believes climate change to be the end of the world.

Honestly, he’s taking a huge risk coming out like this. It wasn’t long ago when Facebook marked an article we wrote as “Fake News.” The article detailed work of Finnish scientists that debunked current climate change theories. And the research behind the article was verifiable. But it went against the leftist narrative. Thus, the so-called impartial fact checkers pinged us. And we suffered reduced distribution for weeks.

In fact, truth-telling is a no-no in the world of climate change.

We previously chronicled the story of Susan Crockford:

Crockford is the zoologist who proved that polar bears were not dying out because of climate change. And her university canned her recently. After 15 years as an adjunct assistant professor at the University of Victoria, Crockford’s application for renewing her contract has been rejected without comment by the university.

Back to Shellenberger

Some of his former sycophants believe Shellenberger is just trying to sell books. I suggest to them that the money is far better on the Left side of this issue. Shellenberger might sell a few books for shekels, but he could make LOTS more pimping global climate farce.

Frankly, I’d like to know how much money Shellenberger made on the Left side of this issue. He must really feel guilty to give up all that loot, and settle for pennies on the dollar.






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