FINALLY: Durham Accepting Guilty Pleas

It’s finally happening. And just in time to punch Leftists in their sanctimonious faces.

Sure, many of the brain-dead morons will dismiss Durham’s findings. Despite overwhelming evidence of the attempted coup against Donald Trump, the dumbasses will maintain that Trump is guilty. That’s what happens when you let Leftist mis-educate the masses. They become blind to the truth.

Did we really need validation from Durham on what happened?

Of course not. But at least now Leftists have yet another part of the truth to spin. I can’t wait to see them try to put that fat genie back in the bottle.
Who will plea? Rumors have circulated for some time. Who is caught up? Almost the entire Obama-era Department of Justice. And I can’t wait to watch these clowns stumble over each other to avoid prison. It will be quite the show. Forget Cirque de Soleil. This is the must see show of the year.

In fact, the scene is already set.

According to the Gateway Pundit: 
Former US Attorney Joe diGenova was on the radio earlier today with Mornings with the Mall as part of his weekly interview.  At the beginning of discussion diGenova discussed the John Durham investigation after the hosts shared an audio of DOJ spokesman Kerri Kupec that aired last week.  Here is the piece discussed with Bill Hemmer from FOX that diGenova was and the listeners heard:

Hemmer: “John Durham, when will there be news on that?”

Kupec: “Well, we hope to see a report by the end of the summer. Obviously, this is a criminal investigation. The goal is not a report, it’s a criminal investigation. But certainly there is a story to be told there. The American people deserve resolution and frankly justice deserves resolution…”

Hemmer: “Okay but you say…”

Kupec: “…Justice needs to be restored. And that report I think is going to be really pivotal to uh, the restoration of that one-tiered system of justice.

Hemmer: “By the end of the…”

Kupec: “…People need to see what was going on.”

This is bad news for leftists. Obviously, this is why liberals such as Adam Schiff are trembling in fear.

As Kevin Jackson recently wrote:

The amount of cover-up needed for Democrats is too big even for the swamp. Particularly given that the swamp has been drained substantially. So Democrats play a wait and see game. And it has them panicked, because they no longer control the process.

No more leaks, now that most of the swamp rats have been exposed. The only thing left for Schiff and team to do is try to corrupt the process.

Back to diGenova. He wasn’t done yet. Then he dropped a bomb!

DiGenova: I’m all for it.  I hope they [Durham] issue the report as soon as possible and that criminal charges occur thereafter.  I’m fascinated by the sequence but I’m delighted with what’s happening.

When the interviewer suggested that the report and the indictments might happen at the same time, diGenova replied:

DiGenova: Of course, yes, that’s exactly what could happen.  You got it right Vince [Coglianese].  I suspected all along that Durham was going to do his best to get something done by September.  Actually, I suspected it would be June, indeed I knew that that was the time table but the COVID-19 virus put off some grand jury appearances.

And I do know that they are in negotiations with some people for some guilty pleas.  So it may very well be that some guilty pleas occur initially at the same time that the report is issued.  They may piggyback those together simultaneously.

diGenova went on to say that John Brennan, Obama’s former CIA Director, was probably never going to be interviewed in front of a grand jury as he would likely plead the fifth.

In other words, good things come to those who wait. And we’ve waited long enough. It’s time we see JUSTICE served. Hopefully it will be dished out with an orange jumpsuit.




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