Floyd Fallout Reaches New Levels

I suspect many law-enforcement officers will use this time to leave the force. And the public will be left with the bill.

In fact, “Defund the Police” might soon do an about face. Especially if the number of PTSD cases continues to rise. The battle cry will become “Fund the Police” as soon as the average Joe is left to protect his or herself, thus getting a small test of what cops actually face on the job.
The latest leftist lawlessness leaves America without the ability to keep the people safe. And many law enforcement officers no longer want to take on such a task without the backing they once had. Now, the criminals are out to get them, and so is everybody else. Internal Affairs, citizen review boards, and Leftist politicians all look for their pound of flesh from the men and women in blue.
The police fight many wars, and the many battles leave lots of scars. Consider what is happening right now in Minneapolis as part of the fallout from George Floyd’s death.

More than 150 officers filed PTSD claims at once.

As John Sexton writes:
A lawyer who represents police officers has been contacted by more than 150 current officers who seek to file for disability benefits, a move taken before they leave the force. Most of the officers claim they are suffering from PTSD and that the stressful situation since the killing of George Floyd has become the last straw.

“While law enforcement is a high-stress career, the last two months in Minneapolis have pushed many officers to their breaking point,” Meuser said…

Among Meuser’s clients are officers who were inside the city’s 3rd Precinct police station. The building was abandoned and subsequently burned during the May protests. At least 13 officers were inside the building at the time, Meuser said, and some wrote what they thought were final texts to family members and loved ones fearing they would be killed. Ordered to stand down to protesters, some of the officers had fearfully counted their ammunition to make sure they would have a bullet for themselves to avoid being beaten to death, he said…

The 150 officers represent about 20 percent of the Minneapolis Police Department’s force of approximately 800. Meuser warned Friday that the number of officers seeking to file disability claims is likely to grow based on the inquiries his office has received.

That’s leftism as its finest. Strip the police’s ability to keep order. Then put them on government funded subsidies, whether it be unemployment, disability, or good ole food stamps. Leftists don’t care, as long as the men and women in blue give up on policing.

Sexton continues:

…the Minneapolis City Council is working to “reimagine” the police force, a process that could take years to work out assuming the council can get its plan on the ballot and that it passes. Meanwhile, some neighborhoods have committed themselves to not calling police at all. The immediate result of all of this has been a surge in violence in the city:

More than 240 people have been shot, 13 fatally, since May 25, according to police. On Thursday evening, nine people were shot and one was killed in a span of six hours. One of the wounded was a pregnant woman.

More than 1,500 instances of gunfire have been reported across the city. That’s nearly double the number during the same period a year ago, according to police data citing 911 calls and ShotSpotter technology. Police scanner traffic has been jammed with reports of other violent incidents, including robberies and carjackings.

With statistics like this, who wants to go back to policing?

Especially considering the benefits available for those who file PTSD Claims.

Doug Anderson, executive director for PERA, said 150 officers seeking duty disability from one department would be high. PERA approved 105 disability applications from both police and firefighters statewide in all of 2019, including 60 claims for duty-related PTSD and 20 for other work-related injuries.

PERA is primarily a retirement plan, in which members and employers contribute funds. Members who become disabled can receive a disability benefit until age 55, at which time retirement benefits kick in.

That’s a pretty sweet deal if you think about it. But even if these officers don’t all get approved, there’s something to be said about the overall sentiment here. We have 20% of a police force looking for a way out.

Clearly, Minneapolis isn’t the only force dealing with the extreme anti-police culture brewing in our country.

Sadly, we have Obama to thank for this war on cops. He lit the fire. Then Floyd’s death fanned the flames. Which leaves us all in ruins if our culture doesn’t soon change.


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