If Joe Biden was a Black Bear (video)

Tell me this isn’t Joe Biden in a black bear suit. The animal is about Biden’s height. And look at the animal’s actions.

First, he approaches a woman and sniffs her. But that wasn’t enough for Joe “Bearden”. That sniff only whet his appetite for more.

So the woman-sniffing bear employs a different tactic. As such, he goes behind her and gets on his hind legs. Then the bear appears to whisper, likely “I’m the VP dammit!”. Then, wait for it…Joe “Bearden” SMELLS HER HAIR!

Talk about life imitating Joe Biden! This scene reenacts Biden with Tara Reade or [insert almost any woman Biden met here].

Obviously, we can argue that if this bear is not Joe Biden, the animal certainly learned from Biden. Go back to this bear’s den, and you will discover a shrine dedicated to the former Vice President.

I’m sure there will be a poster of Obama giving Biden a medal. It’s as good as a Playboy subscription if your a Biden imitator.

And you can bet that lady bears steer very clear of this part of the forest. Too many stories of female bears being victimized.

I see a lawsuit in this bear’s future. But first the bear needs to get a job as a Fox News anchor, then the rest will be history. Maybe start on Fox and Friends, then graduate to his own show. Maybe it’s called “The Bear Facts.”

The only thing that makes this story any better is if the Bear invites the former VP to be his first guest.

Then this woman will produce the selfie she took, and speak of her “mental anguish” of the intrusion. But in this case, she would be right.




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