Media Ignores Iran Nuclear Site Explosion

Iran pushed Barack Obama around, treating him like the playground sissy. Obama’s foreign policy was embarrassing in general. But when it came to Iran, Obama failed miserably.

Remember our top secret drone that Iran shot down? Then they publicly politically sodomized Obama by showing Iranian generals in pictures with the drone. Obama never got the drone back.

And how they punked him with their nuclear deal. That deal made Obama appear to like the humiliation; as if he were a masochist.

The election of Donald Trump as president profoundly changed how America dealt with the little rogue nation.

Upon his election, President Trump immediately withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal. Trump called it the worst deal ever. And he was right. Iran was well on its way to a nuclear weapon, and Obama put their program on steroids.

Trump next attacked Iran’s economy. He reinstated sanctions that interrupted Iran’s ability to finance terror. Then he warned the world that they can do business with Iran or the U.S., but not both.

Now, Trump appears to have taken a new tack in dealing with Iran.

As Yahoo reported,

A fire last week at the Natanz nuclear site, Iran’s main uranium enrichment facility, caused “significant” damage, the country’s nuclear agency said, lifting part of the mystery surrounding the event.

It still remains unclear, however, exactly what happened at the site in central Isfahan province.

Iranian authorities at first appeared to downplay it, saying only that a fire had broken out early Thursday at an “industrial shed.”

But Behrouz Kamalvandi, a spokesman for the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, told Iran’s official IRNA news agency in an interview Sunday that the fire “caused significant financial damage but there were no casualties.”

Specifically, a building that produces advanced centrifuges, used in the enrichment of uranium, was damaged. Measuring equipment and instruments were also destroyed, Kamalvandi said.

“In the midterm this can lead to a slow down in the organization’s task, but we will put all our efforts to overcome this interruption,” he told IRNA, adding that Iran would rebuild the damaged building on a bigger plot of land.

The region remains on edge more than six months after a U.S. drone strike killed a top Iranian general in Baghdad in January, and Tehran launched a retaliatory attack on American forces in Iraq in an escalation of tensions that threatened to tip the region into war.

The Natanz fire came after reports of an explosion late last month near a missile facility outside Parchin, southeast of Tehran. Iranian authorities said the blast was caused by a gas atank explosion in a military complex.

On Saturday, another fire broke out at a power plant in the southwest. The incidents have prompted rumors of state-sponsored sabotage to spread.

However, Trump is no novice when it comes to handling terrorists. He’s been dealing with libtards for four years now. And they’re worse than terrorists, as they attack from the inside. But Trump out-maneuvers them at every turn. And that is exactly what Trump will do now. He’ll make hamburger of those who threaten our domestic tranquility.

He’s warned Iran before. Now, it’s no more Mr. Nice Guy. Just don’t expect the media to notice Trump’s victory.





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