New Evidence of an FBI Informant PLANTED in Trump Administration

Judicial Watch continues its great work. And their latest FOIA sheds even more light on the collusion against Donald Trump.

Judicial Watch netted 136 pages of never before publicized emails between former FBI lovers Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. The previous releases provided a treasure trove of treason. But there’s more.

According to the information received in the latest document dump, there may have been a confidential informant inside the White House in 2017. Heavily redacted emails point to more salacious collusion.

Apparently, Strzok, Page and top bureau officials discussed a White House counterintelligence briefing, before and after inauguration that could “play into” the FBI’s “investigative strategy.”

Another email sent by Strzok to Bill Priestap, the Former Assistant Director for the Counterintelligence Division, refers to what appears to be a confidential informant in the White House.

Strzok wrote:

“I heard from [redacted] about the WH CI briefing routed from [redacted]…I am angry that Jen did not at least cc: me, as my branch has pending investigative matters there, this brief may play into our investigative strategy, and I would like the ability to have visibility and provide thoughts/counsel to you in advance of the briefing. This is one of the reasons why I raised the issue of lanes/responsibilities that I did when you asked her to handle WH detailee interaction.”

This note was sent one day after Trump’s inauguration. But hang on, there’s more!

Obama’s in it up to his eyeballs!

And Judicial Watch intends to prove it.

Finally we’re pulling the proof out of the pudding. Thus, leftists can no longer deny the quintessential truth. They tried to over-throw a president. Period. End of story. Everything else was just a means to an end.

Judicial Watch Sues Again!

JW filed a new lawsuit against the DOJ/FBI/ODNI for Records about an Obama Oval Office Meeting. These records examine the facts surrounding the Steele Dossier. Further, they dig for more proof to collaborate the targeting of General Flynn.

As JW explains:

Judicial Watch announced today it filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the Department of Justice, the FBI and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) for all records related to the January 5, 2017, meeting at the Obama Oval Office during which the Steele Dossier and the investigation of General Flynn were discussed (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Justice and ODNI (No. 1:20-cv-01947)).

The Oval Office meeting reportedly included President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, national security adviser Susan Rice, Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, FBI Director James Comey, CIA Director John Brennan, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and other Obama administration political and law enforcement officials.

At least two records describing the meeting – a January 20, 2017, memo Rice sent to herself and a set of notes taken by FBI counterespionage chief Peter Strzok – have been declassified and made public. Sally Yates also detailed the meeting to Robert Mueller’s investigation.

It’s painstaking process to file suit after suit, but JW meticulously works towards exposing the real facts for all to see.

JW Continues:

Judicial Watch filed the lawsuit after the DOJ, FBI, and ODNI failed to respond to identical May 20, 2020, FOIA requests for:

    • All records regarding the January 5, 2017, meeting at the White House between former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, former CIA Director John Brennan, former Director James Comey, President Obama, and others. This request includes all records created in preparation for, during, and/or pursuant to the meeting, as well as any and all related records of communication between any official or representative of the Department of Justice and any other individual.

“Obama’s infamous January 5, 2017, Oval Office meeting is a key moment in the corrupt effort to smear and spy on President Trump and target General Flynn with a malicious prosecution,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said. “Rather than delay and stonewall, it is urgent the FBI, DOJ, ODNI release all records about this malicious, seditious conspiracy.”

The meeting took place just two weeks prior to Trump’s inauguration. Judicial Watch last week released mails between Strzok and former FBI lawyer Lisa Page which included a frantic exchange between top bureau officials in the days prior to and following Trump’s inauguration discussing a White House counterintelligence briefing that could “play into” the FBI’s “investigative strategy.”

In May 2020, Judicial Watch received the “electronic communication” (EC) that officially launched the counterintelligence investigation, termed “Crossfire Hurricane,” of President Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. The document was written by Strzok.

File this under “tell me something I didn’t know.”

Honestly, we’ve known all along that liberals targeted the president. We knew the dossier was fake. And we also were aware of the Strzok-Page connection in all this. But the constant denial from the left forced JW to seek absolute proof from the Democrats’ own records.

But there are a few questions still remaining. And this tweeter hit the nail right on the head-


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