NFL Honors Police Brutality Victims?

How misleading this statement is. The NFL will honor police brutality victims.

Correction, black police brutality victims. And they don’t all have to be actual victims.

Interesting how little the NFL cares about the thug brutality victims, aka the police. The statistics are incredible.
Kevin Jackson recently laid out the stats:

Police deaths from 2014-2019 were 945. Of those, 307 were classified as felonious. Officers are also assaulted and average of 49,500 times annually, resulting in 13,659 injuries per year over the last decade. Found here

Blacks committed 99 of the 307 murders of officers from 2014-2019.

And that’s not addressing any other crime statistics, such as black on black crime. However, Jackson pointed out a few integral facts.

Black on black crime, specifically murder for 2014-2019

A 5-year period (2014-2018) of FBI data collected from participating departments around the country showed that on average at least 2,776 blacks are killed by 2,476 black suspects, or 89%. By contrast, whites kill blacks at a rate of 8.3% (2,776 victims with 213 white suspects). Blacks kill 15.4% of white victims with an average of 513 per year of 3,313 white homicides.

The data is gathered from departments that voluntarily report their numbers to the FBI. The data does not include the entire country. However, the numbers are remarkably consistent year over year.

This study from 2002 to 2011 showed an average of 16,128 homicides per year in the United States. Of that, 7,980 deaths per year were black or 49% of all victims. Whites made up 7,729 per year or 47% of all victims.  Total black homicide deaths surpassed total white homicide deaths in 9 of the 10 years in this time frame.

Combining the data from both studies shows: 

      • 7,980 blacks are murdered per year
      • 7,102 blacks kill other blacks per year
      • 1,190 whites are murdered by blacks per year
      • 662 blacks are murdered by whites per year

Back to the subject at hand: police brutality.

It seems the NFL decided to allow players to use their helmets as a platform.

As Newsmax explains:

NFL players will be able to wear helmet decals this season to honor victims of police brutality, according to The Associated Press.

The players’ union has been working with the NFL since June on how to pay homage to people who have died from police violence, such as George Floyd or Breonna Taylor.

“They’re still in discussions, but this sounds like it’s going to happen,” NFL Network’s Steve Wyche told Front Office Sports. “You might have one team with 15 different decals.”

The league is now reportedly working on the initials of victims who can appear on the decals.

The plans are a response to nationwide protests over police brutality following the death of George Floyd, a black man who died in Minneapolis while in police custody.

After years of refusing to allow athletes to participate in protests on the field, it’s now OK to condone the war on police.

Oh how times have changed!

In 2015, the NFL took a starkly opposite stance when players tried to use their platform for good.

As ESPN chronicled:

Two Pittsburgh Steelers players were fined by the NFL on Wednesday for supporting causes personal to them.

Running back DeAngelo Williams received a first-offense uniform violation of $5,787 for wearing “Find the Cure” in his eye black in honor of breast cancer awareness. He has worn the eye black for years, he told ESPN.

Meanwhile, the league fined cornerback William Gay the same amount for wearing purple cleats to show support for domestic violence awareness, his agent, Jerrold Colton, confirmed.

Gay, whose mother was shot and killed by his stepfather when Gay was 7, has publicly supported the cause for years and was featured in a recent public service announcement shown in prime time.

After Wednesday’s practice, Gay said he won’t appeal the fine, and he referenced the cameras in front of his locker as a way to bring awareness to domestic violence.

“I think we all know why I wore the purple cleats,” Gay said.

Williams, who lost his mother to breast cancer, recently requested the right to wear pink accessories on his uniform all season but was denied by the league.

Williams has worn the customized eye black for years. This, however, was the first time he has been fined for it.

Someone please explain this. Under the Obama Administration, the NFL purposely ignored social issues. In fact, players paid fines to stand up for their beliefs. But fast forward five years, and Roger Goodall does an about face? Of course, he’s not saying players can advocate for domestic violence, cancer research, or any other issue touching millions of Americans. But if they wanna dig deep into who shot who, and how to undercut the men in blue, it’s game on.

No wonder Trump turns off the TV the moment the kneeling begins.

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