Republican Who Voted to Impeach Trump LEAVING Congress

I smell a rat. Because this turncoat congressman chose an interesting time to leave.

According to Fox News:

Rep. Justin Amash, L-Mich., who briefly considered running for president earlier this year, doesn’t intend to seek reelection, a top aide said Thursday, according to a report.

“He hasn’t been campaigning for any office and doesn’t plan to seek the nomination for any office,” adviser Poppy Nelson told The Detroit News.

Amash, a five-term congressman and outspoken critic of President Trump, left the Republican Party last year, became an Independent and joined the Libertarian Party in April. He is the first Libertarian in Congress.

This move is so rare, that it’s an immediate cause for speculation.

I know nothing about Amash personally, so everything I say is conjecture. However, I am aware of the couple of congressmen who supposedly hung out with Jeffrey Epstein.

Do we have any idea who these two congressmen might be?

How do you go from potentially running for president to quitting politics? And Amash stopped campaigning for congress months ago.

I’m too lazy to go back and look at the timeline, but something spooked Amash.

NBC News used the Amash announcement to declare that the Republican Party has a problem:

As President Trump’s numbers have declined in recent weeks, our NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows that some of that erosion has come from inside his own party — among the non-Trump wing of the GOP.

In short, Trump doesn’t have a base problem. Rather, he has a Republican problem.

According to the poll, 53 percent of all Republican voters say they consider themselves more supporters of Trump than the party, while 39 percent say they’re more supporters of the party than Trump.

One would be hard-pressed to find Republicans who aren’t at least somewhat happy with President Trump, but NBC doesn’t believe it?

The mainstream media hates to tell the truth about the president. However, Trump consistently gets Republican approval ratings in the 90 percent range. In fact, he received 94 percent of the vote in the KY primary. Biden received 57 percent of the vote.

Still, let’s look at this “erosion” of the GOP by the numbers. 53 percent of Republicans support Trump over Party and 39 percent support party over Trump. 92 percent still support Republicans. But are pollsters willing to give us these numbers for Biden?

How many Democrats support Biden over party? I suggest much fewer than those who support party over Biden? And while that might signal that the Democratic Party is more solidly behind party, I’m not buying it.

I believe Democrats don’t like their candidate. Nor do many like their party. Again, I point to the Kentucky primary, where Trump received 94 percent of the Republican vote and Biden received 57 percent of the Democrat vote. These numbers line up closer to the 92 percent of Republicans in the polls who support party AND Trump. My bet is Biden’s numbers on Democrats supporting him or party would coincide with his Kentucky numbers.

Back to Amash

His departure from the Republicans indicates nothing about the GOP. However, it’s likely an indication of Trump’s influence on the Republican Party. Clearly a shift occurred. The Republican Party was remade in 2016. And that change continues. But a much larger shift occurred with Democrats.

Ask yourself how many Democrats voted for Obama versus party, and how that was such a lopsided answer. But the shift has gone back to party. Why? Multiple reasons.

First, Obama failed as a president. Second, Democrats have no real choices. Republicans do. And the “Amashes” of the GOP are being weeded out. Banished. In the case of Amash, he self-banished, choosing to become an Independent. This gave him the desk closest to the door.

And you know what they say about doors… don’t let it hit ya where good Lord split ya!


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