As if the WNBA needs this kind of controversy. The WNBA is the sister franchise of the NBA for those who may not know what the initials stand for.

Understandably, millions either do not know or care about women’s basketball. Or women’s sports for that matter. Why watch women, when you can watch men do it faster and better? 

I know that triggers Leftist women. And if you are a Conservative woman and that triggered you, then I suggest you revisit your ideology. Because what I stated is true. I might be curious as to how fast the fastest woman in the world is, but I know her time won’t be faster than the fastest man. I watch Strong Man competitions, and no transgender woman will ever be on stage with those brutes.

As for women’s basketball, I recall all the hoopla over a woman dunking in a basketball game. Seriously. Something high school boys do routinely was met with a fricking ticker-tape parade, because a woman finally dunked a basketball…in a game.

Then we were regaled with the back story. “Well, you know I had done it a couple of times in practice, so I figure why not try it in a game”, said the first woman to dunk a basketball in a game.

Let’s call this SLIGHTLY amusing!

But now the “little sisters” to the NBA embroiled themselves in controversy. They stepped up for their big bros of the NBA when two WNBA teams supposedly walked off the court during the national anthem.

The story has been updated and I will get to that in a bit. Regardless, the controversy started with the idea of the women not standing for the anthem.

Unquestionably, the sport needs a shot in the arm. Let’s face it, the WNBA is viewed by fewer people who watch a mediocre high school basketball game. And in the time of the Wuflu plandemic, ironically nobody noticed the drop in WNBA attendance.

Does the WNBA have a marketing team? Because if I ran marketing for the team, I would require mandatory viewing of A League of their Own. So along with wearing more “lady-like” outfits {not that it would help}, I would demand the team stand for the anthem.

If I were the WNBA, I would try to capture all the men’s sport fans by HONORING the flag.

Can you imagine what would happen to that sport had they embraced the flag and the anthem? The league would be received like Goya. You may not actually use the product, but you still BUY IT to show support. I know I would not necessarily watch a WNBA game, but Holy Mother of Nielsen, I would at least leave a TV on in another room with the game running.

I don’t know the numbers for the WNBA, but I know the league couldn’t stand on its own without cable contracts that loop them in.

Pull the WNBA out of its cable contracts and it’s roller derby with taller uglier women. Anybody seen roller derby in a while? If you’re under 30, ask your mom or grandma about roller derby.

Instead, the WNBA followed their big bros, the NBA, with their social justice nonsense. So they walked out on the anthem.

The update corrected the story, saying the {ahem} women walked out BEFORE the anthem was played. So what? As if that mattered. They walked out.

This is just a Megan Rapinoe 2.0. Make no mistake, Rapinoe’s choice cast shame on women’s soccer when she decided to imitate Colin Kaepernick. Soon the WNBA will know the ‘morning after’ regret shared by Kaepernick’s bedfellows. Last month, Nike reported a staggering loss of $790 million.

Far be it from me to judge, but I don’t think the WNBA could survive such catastrophic financial ruins. Which leads me to wonder what most of these women would do without their sport, played in America? Think these women would have the same opportunities in other countries? Where else is there a league for huge women who can put a ball through a hoop?

Admittedly, the male international players have come a long way in the sport of basketball and have thriving international leagues. But the women, not so much. Maybe it’s time for some hard core strategy discussions?



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