Biden’s Magic Act Erases Massive Debt

Move over Al Sharpton. You are no longer the only high-profile Leftist who can skip paying a tax debt with no scrutiny.

This time it’s a white boy.

In a time of “white privilege”, leave it to Hunter Biden to leave the black version of white privilege in the dust. Along with making millions off the Ukrainians and the Chinese, the former Vice President’s son Hunter seems to have received another hookup.

As The Washington Beacon reported, Hunter got his tax bill paid…quietly:

Hunter Biden was hit with a $450,000 lien in July over delinquent state income taxes, which he paid off in six days despite having no discernible income. Last year, he told the court judge in his paternity case that he was broke and unemployed.

The younger Biden owed $238,562.76 in state income taxes from 2017 and $215,328.16 in state income taxes from 2018, according to records from the District of Columbia’s Office of Tax and Revenue. The District of Columbia filed a $453,890 lien against him on July 9.

What if this were Donald Trump, Jr?

Don’t bother answering.

For a crackhead, $450,000 is a lot of cheddar. But apparently half a mil is nothing when you can “big ball” at the Biden level. After all, the Ukrainians paid crackhead Biden $83,333 per month. And word on the street has Biden earning millions from the Chinese.

Who knows where he hid this money, given his “Baby Mama” issues. Stash cash. Part of Hunter’s bugout bag. Still, how does a crackhead come up with almost half a mil so quickly?

A spokesman for D.C.’s Office of the Chief Financial Officer confirmed that Hunter Biden’s lien was released on July 15. The release occurred because the “tax issue was resolved.” However, the office declined to say whether Biden had paid off the debt.

Either D.C. absolved (forgave) the debt, which is unlikely given the optics that would produce. Or somebody paid it. I’m betting on the latter.

Tax expert, Harvey Bezozi specializes in large-scale tax debt negotiations. And he commented that the only way to get a lien released is to pay the settlement in full. This can be done through a payment plan, penalty abatement, or other compromise with the government. Or you must prove that the lien was filed in error. He said liens can take months or years to resolve.

And we know that any liens against Hunter Biden are warranted. Because highly compensated crackheads do let things fall through the…well, cracks!

Further, resolution takes time. Unless somebody took care of Hunter’s (and Joe’s) little problem.

Bezozi added, “Six days had to be some kind of expeditious kind of process for this.”

Tax issues seem to run in the Biden family.

According to the article, the lien is the latest in a series of substantial tax problems members of the Biden family have faced over the years. James Biden, Joe’s brother faced a six-figure tax debt in 2015. Also, multiple liens were filed against Joe’s sister Valerie and her husband. Below are the specifics:

James Biden has had at least five tax liens filed against him between 1995 and 2015, including one for $589,095 filed in 2015. That lien was released one year later.

Frank Biden, another brother of the presidential candidate, has had at least three liens for unpaid income taxes. He said in 2011 that a $32,500 lien in Kentucky stemmed from his struggle with alcohol addiction and was being paid off through a monthly plan, according to the Broward Palm Beach New Times.

Joe Biden’s sister Valerie and her husband John Owens have faced at least five tax liens, including one for $229,749 in 1990.

As for Hunter, this isn’t his first tax lien rodeo.

In 2018, the federal government filed a $112,805 tax lien against him. He resolved that matter in March, according to records. And only a few months later he comes up with almost half a million dollars to resolve another. I must say, Hunter is the most resourceful crackhead I’ve ever heard of.

Imagine if Trump’s family were rife with such controversy? Negro, please!

The thing that bugs me the most is how quietly this story is treated. Again, if this were Don Jr or Eric, the media would be screaming bloody murder. But when it’s Hunter Biden, silence speaks a thousand words.





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