BLM Lashes Out at Democrats

The racist terror group known as Black Lives Matter chastised the Democratic Party.

The organization supposedly led by founder Patrisse Cullors made its comments in the aftermath of the Democrats’ national convention. Their complaint is that Democrats only partially embraced BLM’s actions of denigrating black people at the expense of non-blacks.

Maybe BLM has point, given what Elizabeth Warren did.

Fauxchahontas showed her support for BLM subliminally. If you look to the right of the graphic you can see the letters B L M. Not an overwhelming endorsement for the group, but at least they were “mentioned”.

Then again, maybe that’s BLM’s beef. The Democrats are fine screwing blacks in private, but unwilling to admit to a real relationship publicly.

POLITICO reported that Cullors called the Democrats’ actions at the convention “lip service”.

Cullors commented:

“It’s been unfortunate to not see the Democratic Party fully align themselves with the powerful work this movement has been doing.”

What powerful work has BLM accomplished? More on that in a bit. First, a few ironies.

BLM is black power under white supervision.

Where is the overwhelming black support for BLM? Because from this vantage point, BLM should make Rachel Dolezal its spokesperson.

So the idea that a black chick runs this organization is laughable. Don’t believe me, just check the funding.

I guarantee you that Cullors doesn’t fund this group, nor does she determine where the money goes.

A group of wealthy whites uses BLM as part of racist Democrat Margaret Sangers’ Negro Project. The gist of that project is to get a few prominent Negroes to get uninformed Negroes to go along with the program. A program that is doomed to failure, if the goal is to actually help blacks.

This brings me to my next point. BLM hasn’t helped any blacks, because it’s goal runs contrary.

The purpose of BLM is to cause division in America. And racial division works almost all the time.

BLM squares off as the modern-day equivalent of the Democrats’ previous terror group- the KKK. But instead of intimidating freed blacks like the KKK, BLM tries to intimidate freed non-blacks.

If Democrats told the truth about BLM, its actual goal is the destruction of black people. And in the most clever way you can create such destruction: have blacks destroy themselves.

Thus, any mention of “black on black” crime as push-back to the organization is met with violent vitriol. BLM forbids asking the million-dollar question. And what is the million-dollar question? I’m glad you asked.

Why does this supposed pro-black organization ignore the fact that blacks kill almost 7,000 a year of our own, if indeed black lives matter?

Instead, BLM leaders want answers to their own very simple question. If they have done all that Democrats asked them to do, why no unconditional love?

BLM doesn’t get it. Democrats must provide some “points of demarcation”, so the party maintains plausible deniability.

Democrats can’t admit to wholeheartedly supporting what they actually do support. The official Black Lives Matter organization demands radical change. The group wants to eliminate “cisgender privilege.” They openly admit they want to disrupt the “Western-prescribed nuclear family structure.”

Next on the agenda: abolish law enforcement and prisons. In short, BLM wants socialism.

And Joe Biden lurched further Left to oblige them, at least partially. But only days after the convention, Biden shifted back to the center-Left.

BLM took notice.

“It took seven years for Democrats to articulate that Black lives matter. Now, the country is watching to see if and how they will close the gap between symbolism and substance,” another co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement told POLITICO.

However, the powers that be shouldn’t be too offended by Biden’s confused stance on the issues. Without a teleprompter, the man has no idea what to say.

In fact, in an exchange that truly highlighted Biden’s dementia, Joey Fingers told ABC news that he has no intentions of defunding the police. Instead, according to Biden, such a move is actually part of Trump’s ideology. In other words, if BLM is looking for a leader who subscribes to their brand of terrorism, I don’t think Joe Biden is their man.



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