CNN’s Don Lemon Asks Democrats to PLEASE Change Strategy

Democrats not only are hiding their candidate, they are hiding their polling.

And these are the people who rely on “fake news” polling to feel good about their chances. One can only imagine how bad the polling must be to not even release fake numbers.

Rasmussen Reports tweeted:

Last night @donlemon called for the rioting to end, “because it’s showing up in the polling.” What polling? The media polling after the DNC Convention that was never released over the weekend. Yes, folks, it exists. You’re just not allowed to see it.

The most intriguing part of this tweet for me is the statement by Don Lemon. For the first time in a while, Lemon actually spoke the truth: the rioting is showing up in the polling.

From Yahoo News,

CNN’s Don Lemon warned Democrats of electoral consequences if they fail to address the “blind spot” that’s prevented them from condemning the rioting that plagues the country nightly.

“I think Democrats are ignoring this problem, are hoping that it will go away. And it’s not going to go away,” Lemon remarked to fellow CNN host Chris Cuomo on Tuesday night.

At the convention, Democrats tried to present themselves as the party of unity. But Americans know the truth. And as I have said many times on my radio show, Americans blame Democrats for the riots, looting, and anti-American sentiment.

Lemon suggested that Biden plagiarize Obama:

Lemon went on to urge Biden to give a speech similar to the one Barack Obama delivered in 2015 following the death of Freddie Gray, in which the former president condemned the rioting in Baltimore.

“He’s got to come out and tell people that he is going to deal with the issue of police reform in this country, and that what’s happening now is happening on Donald Trump’s watch, and when he is the president, Kamala Harris is the vice president, then they will take care of this problem. But guess what, the rioting has to stop,” Lemon stated. “Chris, as you know and I know, it’s showing up in the polls, it’s showing up in focus groups. It’s the only thing right now that’s sticking.”

Lemon wants to try to make this Trump’s problem. I repeat that America knows who to blame in all of this.

In the past, even in the worst of times in this country, America overcame our problems. Take 1936 for example.

In that year, Jesse Owens represented America at the Berlin Olympics. Every American, black and white, cheered for a black man to defeat a white man. They cheered for an American to defeat a German.

We knew then that American superseded color. Despite the fact that Owens, an icon and hero, still could not drink from a “whites only” water fountain. Nor could he sit in a restaurant in the “white” section.

America rose above these racist sentiments for the most part. Even most Democrats eliminated most of their racism. Then came Obama; undoubtedly the most divisive president since Andrew Johnson.

At the end of Obama’s racist reign of terror, America was more divided racially than it was in the 1960s. Worse, Democrats became proudly and openly racist, post-Obama.

In 2016, Democrats tried the old strategy of shifting Obama’s racism to Donald Trump. And it might have worked if Republicans selected a lesser man. But that crap won’t work with Trump.

I loved his recent comment, [pp]

I’ve done more for blacks than any president since Abraham Lincoln.”

What genius for Trump to utter this statement. The president is baiting Democrats to refute that statement, knowing they have wet ammo.

If Democrats don’t cover it, the statement stands. But how do you push back on it, without highlighting Trump’s accomplishment for blacks.

Back to Disgraced Don

Lemon recognizes that the riots hurt Democrats. Trump stands for law and order, Democrats do not. Recently, even Captain Demento Joe Biden tried to backtrack on his support to defund the police. As the polls would show, nobody bought Biden’s or the Democrats’ bullsh*t.

Let me tell you what the post-Democrat-convention polls reveal. Biden and the Democrats lost massive ground to Trump. Joe Biden can’t galvanize his base, and Democrats scare the hell out of their base.

These riots have Democrat DNA all over them. And with each new location of riots, Democrats solidify Trump’s chances of a second term. Don Lemon recognizes this, thus his warning to his party.

Reading between the lines, I sense Lemon’s fear. He knows the future, and it doesn’t involve the Biden administration. Lemon knows the Democrats have no chance of winning. Further, Lemon lacks the power to make Democrats change course. And that’s the real slap in his face.



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