Couple TROLLS Leftists with Innovative Setup

Leftists are easy to trigger. So why not have some fun with them?

That what this couple did.

The scene begins with the couple standing in the rain in front of a gazebo. The idea is a planned “pop the question” moment. So eventually, the man pulls a ring out of his right back pocket.

He spins the woman around and gets down on one knee. You know what comes next, even though you only hear music playing the background.

He pops the question and shows her the ring.

At this point, Leftists have bought in hook, line and sinker. Because Leftists love the sentimental moments. And who wouldn’t love this couple about to begin their lives together, right?

A proposal in the rain. What else could be more romantic? Unless she didn’t accept.

But she does. So the man rises from his knee and grabs his fiancee. He spins her around, as they enjoy the moment. Her excitement is so over-whelming,

And then the reveal. It was a TRUMP 2020 RING!

As Forrest Gump would say, “And just like that, the couple became racists.”

Like clockwork, Leftists took the bait.

I like that Fifty Shades of Whey validated my feelings about Leftists. He tweeted:

First I laughed, then I cried

This one needs no description, in my opinion.

Here is a funny one that speaks to the insanity of masks.

How about this one?

In fact, leftists are so triggered, I think I might have to order one of these rings!

If you think these Twitter trolls were triggered, just wait to see what rolls out of the convention!

RNC Will Bait the Hooks

As the Republican National Convention reconvenes tonight, expect liberals to be triggered on ten different levels. In fact, they’ve already proven to be in distress.

Irate leftists hate that Trump decided to deliver his speech from the White House. (By the way, using the White House conforms to leftist Covid standards, but they’ll look for anything to hate Trump about.)

According to the Washington Post:

Trump campaign director of press communications Erin Perrine on Tuesday pushed back against criticism of the president’s decision to deliver his GOP convention speech at the White House, arguing that the move is one that will keep him safe amid the novel coronavirus pandemic.

In a Washington Post Live interview, Perrine dismissed concerns about the legality of Trump’s choice of venue, saying, “That’s a question for the lawyers and the White House counsel.”

She then noted that Trump’s speech comes as the coronavirus pandemic is still sweeping across the United States. “This is a safe and secure place for him to be able to deliver what will be an exceptional message to the American people,” Perrine told The Post’s Frances Stead Sellers.

Democrats and ethics experts have raised objections to Trump’s use of the White House as a political backdrop for his acceptance speech Thursday. The Office of Special Counsel told lawmakers earlier in the month that Trump and Vice President Pence are exempt from civil regulations under the Hatch Act, which prohibits government employees from taking part in some forms of political activity.

In other words, Trump isn’t even at the podium and leftists are already pitching a fit. But who can blame them? I’m sure it’s embarrassing to walk around feeling triggered all the time.



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