New York Governor Cuomo BEGS for Forgiveness

Governor Andrew Cuomo is a menace. And his tactics have chased many wealthy New Yorkers from the state.

While this has been going on since his election, the move to exit New York accelerated under the lockdown.

While Cuomo and de Blasio played politics, their state and largest city suffered mightily. But the politics finally caught up with them.

Cuomo orchestrated the demise of his state. And with the help of Bill de Blasio, the two most powerful men in the state allowed Black Lives Matter to flourish, as the terrorist organization destroyed businesses and wreaked havoc on law-abiding citizens.

Because of the lack of leadership, crime spiked all over the city; especially in wealthy New York City neighborhoods. To put things in perspective, crime on the Upper East Side rose 286 percent, while arrests have halved.

The Democrats response to the lawlessness and exponential rise in crime was to defund the police. The inevitable occurred, as the wealthiest NYers opted out.

Cuomo now understands what has happened. Playing politics hit the Leftist where it hurts the most…the pocketbook. Clearly Cuomo read the tea leaves. And that’s why at a recent press conference, he begged the wealthiest residents who left the city to come back:

‘I literally talk to people all day long who are in their Hamptons house who also lived here, or in their Hudson Valley house or in their Connecticut weekend house, and I say, “You gotta come back, when are you coming back?”

“‘We’ll go to dinner, I’ll buy you a drink. “‘Come over, I’ll cook.”

‘They’re not coming back right now. And you know what else they’re thinking? If I stay there, I pay a lower income tax because they don’t pay the New York City surcharge,’ he said.

Surprised that even rich Leftists get fed up paying taxes? Well, I’m not. John Kerry hid his yacht in another state to avoid paying the luxury tax.

I wrote of John Kerry’s plight at the time:

Yet again an elitist Democrat attempts to skirt the tax system, a system he was instrumental in creating. But for the racist, elitist, “build a career at all cost” Progressive Democrats, they forget that the laws they pass have unintended consequences!

Though Kerry has Bush One to thank for outing him during the Era of Read My Lips, as Jim Carrey did in Liar Liar, Kerry kicked his own ass by voting for the new yacht tax back in 1990. Kerry was likely thinking “What are the chances I will find some wealthy widow with a yacht willing to marry me?!

A hypocrite on Vietnam and a hypocrite on taxes, John Kerry first proffers the excuse to his yacht problem:

“It’s my wife’s yacht!”

Oh so it’s his WIFE who is the tax-evading scalawag, not John Kerry!  Was she also with him on the swift boat back in Nam, where she witnessed his bravery as he earned one of his many purple hearts for clipping his toe nails while under enemy fire?

Kerry’s next excuse?

“It’s under warranty down there,” he explained. “It’s being worked.”

Maybe Kerry’s brain is what needs a warranty?! How stupid does Kerry believe America to be to believe that his NEW yacht was in need of warranty service, right out of the box?! The only maintenance Kerry could have authorized was the installation of gold toilets and the hanging of portraits of Obama!

Kerry said of the “warranty” work:

“Let’s get this very straight…I’ve said consistently that we will pay our taxes. We’ve always paid our taxes. It is not an issue. Period. We’ve always paid our taxes, we’ll pay our taxes.”

Sounds just a tad defensive to me; like Kerry wants to make a point! “We’ll pay our taxes…even if we don’t think we owe them, because I know how bad this looks politically and ok well yes, YOU CAUGHT ME! HAPPY NOW?!!”

I know these hypocrites who virtue-signal publicly, while privately looking for every way possible to skirt taxes. They are worse than welfare leeches, in their scheming to not pay their “fare share”. At least we Conservatives have the high moral ground of being outraged at high taxes at the onset.

Cuomo realizes the inequity, as he commented:

‘A single per cent of New York’s population pays half of the state’s taxes and they’re the most mobile people on the globe.’

Leftists have taxed the one-percent so much, they now pay half of the taxes in the state of New York (and elsewhere). How’s that for a stat?

And it’s Leftists like Cuomo who sold other New Yorkers on the idea of taxing the crap out of these people. So these well-heeled New Yorkers used their mobility to get the flunk out of NY.

According to some reports, by May at least 420,000 of the city’s wealthiest residents had fled the city. And you can bet the rioting and looting helped expedite their exodus, as they created a vortex leaving the city and/or the state.

Believe it or not, some Leftists in New York still don’t get it, as they call for higher taxes on their wealthiest citizens. And NY will need it, as they try to offset the projected $30 billion deficit over the next two years.

Compounding this massive pending shortfall is the very real loss of over $1 billion caused by BLM.

Take heart Conservative Americans. Because you not only witness the exodus from New York. Simultaneously you witness the exodus from the Democratic Party. New York is the microcosm for the world under Joe Biden. A sane Joe Biden. Imagine the world under the demented version.



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