Dem Governor Admits “We Need Trump”

Lawlessness has taken over Wisconsin. Looting, riots, arson- you know, the typical leftist behavior, infiltrated the streets of Kenosha.

But don’t worry, Trump knows how to restore order, no matter how bad it is.

This civil unrest, disguised as racial protests, will soon be extinguished by the National Guard.

As Fox News explains:

President Trump on Wednesday said he will send federal law enforcement and the National Guard to Kenosha, Wis. to restore “law and order” amid days of unrest in the city.

“We will NOT stand for looting, arson, violence, and lawlessness on American streets,” the president tweeted Wednesday. “My team just got off the phone with Governor Evers who agreed to accept federal assistance. (Portland should do the same!)”

The president added: “TODAY, I will be sending federal law enforcement and the National Guard to Kenosha, WI to restore LAW and ORDER!”

The president’s tweets come after 29-year-old Jacob Blake, a Black man, was shot at close range in the back by city police officers, leaving him partially paralyzed.

Trump Troubled

Under Obama, riots were encouraged. Even planned. But obviously, President Trump is deeply troubled by the actions of the Kenosha police. And while the shooting of Jacob Blake commands a full and thorough investigation, what we cannot allow is vigilante justice to take over the streets.

Robbing, looting, and setting buildings on fire won’t help Blake’s recovery. Yet, the Kenosha community seems unable to such actions from the real goals of justice. Instead, they’ve taken to criminal behaviors as their only response to the tragic shooting.

And it keeps getting worse.

According to AS, authorities arrested a juvenile after two death in Kenosha:

Police in Illinois have arrested one juvenile in relation to at least one fatal shooting during Jacob Blake protests in Kenosha, Wisconis — reports AP. Two people were killed during protests in a suspected vigalante attack durring the protest on Tuesday night.

Commander Norman Johnson of the Antioch Police Department said (via CNBC) that the suspect was under 18 and has been arrested on suspicion of first-degree intentional homicide . 

The suspect is believed to be the young white man who was caught on video opening fire with a semi-automatic rifle in the middle of street protests, which led to the death of two people.

“I just killed somebody,” he was reportedly heard saying in footage of the incident on Tuesday night.

On what planet does “firing a semi-automatic” into a crowd scream out “we want justice for this shooting?” Was there a circle that said “all white guys with guns stand here” so that at least the right demographic could be targeted by the flying bullets?

But Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers made the right call Tuesday when he declared a state of emergency, doubling his access to National Guard troops. And he humbly admitted to needing Trump’s help to turn it around.

Trump Campaign Weighs In

Trump’s campaign communications manager shares Trump’s troubled sentiment. Tim Murtaugh made the following statement:

“It is apparent to anyone who’s seen video tape of the shooting … that it is a very troubling and disturbing situation,” Murtaugh said, adding that what plays out on the video tape is a “horrific scene.”

“The president was briefed a number of times about that.”

Murtaugh added that the president is “in contact with local authorities. It’s a very serious situation.”

Murtaugh, [elaborated, saying] “everyone supports the First Amendment” and the “right of people to assemble.”

“Everyone celebrates that, including the president,” Murtaugh said.

Both Trump, Murtaugh, and the rest of the GOP understand the Bill of Rights is the foundation of our nation. It starts with the right to assemble. But the first amendment isn’t just about the right to assemble. It’s also gives citizens the right to ask government to solve problems. However, right now its the government asking citizens to help solve those problems. Because civil unrest solves nothing. Put down the torches, because innocent bystanders face complete obliteration as their businesses burn to the ground.

“Where the president draws the line is where peaceful protesters crossed the line with outside groups like Antifa. Because [that’s when everything] erupts in violence.” He added: “It doesn’t serve anyone’s purpose to cause mayhem. So, I think that’s a great concern.”

Tucker Carlson Weighs In

The real goal of these riots isn’t social reform. It’s some kind of twisted payback. As BLM puts it, riots and looting are a form of reparations.

“As if we needed more evidence that this is actually a class war masquerading as a race conflict,” Carlson said. “That’s exactly what it is designed to [do]: crush America’s middle class. And it’s working.”

Kenosha store-owners woke up Tuesday morning to their livelihoods destroyed, with one owner saying how “wrong” it is since her business services everyone, regardless of race.

“You can hear the confusion in her voice [asking] ‘Why did they do this to me?’” Carlson said. “And the short answer is because they could. Nobody stopped them from burning down her business or burning down the city. The Kenosha County Democratic Party didn’t stop them. The Democratic Party of Kenosha decided to embrace the mob.”

Maybe no one stopped these hoodlums yesterday, but today, Donald Trump stepped in. Enough said.

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