DNC Convention Threatened by Liberals

Now that over 100 police agencies declined to provide security for the DNC Convention, perhaps the Democrats will bring on those social workers for protection.

Perhaps the social workers can help those who have a grievance with Democrats get in touch with their emotions. And the Democrats have Portland, Seattle, and Atlanta as examples of what to expect. 

But those social workers won’t have pepper-spray and tear gas or other weapons to back them up, so Holy Mother of Dr. Phil, I hope the Democrats bring their best counselors.

Oh the irony that Democrats actually requested 1,000 police officers. Wouldn’t you like to be the Democrats who drew that short straw?

“Uh…Milwaukee PD, how’s it going! Like this is [insert Democrat stooge], and I know how things look with us wanting to defund the police, but…well, you know… we really don’t want that. We just need to throw a little red meat to our zombies. Anyhoo…”

According to Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales, the law enforcement agencies withdrew from the convention due to new policies of no non-lethals from the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission. The new directives forbid the “use of tear gas and large amounts of pepper spray” on demonstrators, according to the report.

“Not having those tools increases the potential for more violence,” Morales told the WTMJ. “That’s a big concern for the law enforcement community within Milwaukee and outside of Milwaukee.”

Democrats wanted police to stand in harm’s way, while the very same Democrats demand to defund the police. It just doesn’t get any more hypocritical than that.

What’s the real next step for Democrats? Will they hire private security?

I suggest they get Bloomberg to pay for it, as he is very familiar with private security. Or perhaps former Democratic president candidate, Tom Steyer.

Democrats have plenty of fat cat billionaires who should be willing to foot the bill for their protection.

I’m proud of law-enforcement for taking a stance against these clowns. They need to see first-hand how their policies impact real lives. And why not begin with theirs.

If only Republicans were willing to pay hooligans to throw Molotov cocktails and bricks at Democrats to solidify the point. Fortunately for them, Conservatives leave the anarchy to Leftists.

That said, we will be joined by many former Democrats on November 3, 2020 to make our point.


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