GOP Rising Star ADDS SECURITY Due to Trump Support

If you go against the New World Order, Leftists will do you harm. And that’s just what this GOP rising star is finding out.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem rose to prominence when she bucked the fake news narrative surrounding Wuflu. Unlike pansy governors, Noem keep South Dakota open during the “plandemic”. This tactic didn’t sit well with those who wanted the entire country shut down in order to thwart Trump’s chances for re-election. Noem’s actions were considered insolent by the powers that be. Because it would have been nice to not have a frame of reference when reporting fake dire statistics around the disease that kills old people almost exclusively.

Governor Noem must have been threatened. Because we’ve received news that she will have a $400,000 security fence installed around the governor’s official residence.

I met Governor Noem at a private event in Pierre South Dakota. I assure you that she is as tough as they come. In order for her to take such measures, she must believe wholeheartedly that Leftists plot to do her harm. In light of Steve Scalise, I suggest she take any threat by the Left seriously.

According to sources, her security team deemed a security fence to be “critical at this time.”

The Associate Press reported, “Noem’s office did not give specifics on any threats, but her spokeswoman Maggie Seidel said her security team recommended the fence.”

When I met Noem, she said that she had no aspirations outside of South Dakota. Nevertheless, rumor persisted as Noem raised her national political profile in the past year, when she joined President Donald Trump at Mount Rushmore on the eve of Independence Day this year.

Frankly, that’s her job as a governor. And a state like South Dakota needs as much spotlight with the president as anybody. The state has suffered due to no fault of Governor Noem.

Regarding security, the AP article continues,

“In America, we debate issues; we don’t turn to violence,” Seidel said. “But it only takes one, and per the Governor’s security team, putting up a fence around the residence is critical at this time.”

Noem has been one of the governors at the forefront of trying to get kids back into school for the upcoming school year and has been known to have a more hands off approach with how she has responded to the coronavirus pandemic.

I’m happy to know Governor Noem. And I certainly see why there would be hoopla over her, because she’s a fearless leader.


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