Has Hollywood ABANDONED Obama for Trump?

Blacks now support President Trump 36 percent. Independents rose to 44 percent support of Trump, according to the latest polls. This got me wondering where Hollywood stands?

So where are the anti-Trump Hollyweirdos these days? The vocal minority who drone on endlessly with Leftist talking points against President Trump. Are you curious about America’s preeminent fruits, nuts, and fairies?

Well I am. And I have an idea about why most of the people most critical of Trump are silent. Most of them are actually HAPPY with Trump.

Will they admit their happiness? Never. Because they protested far too much. How could they walk it back? Particularly when they’ve gone all-in for Obama, but now know what a real presidency and real leadership look like.

These overrated egotistical clowns stick to their issues like one-trick ponies.


Think Leo Di Caprio knows any real science about climate? Or does he just want to cash in on the historical (and hysterical) nature of a bullsh*t non-scientific claim.

Di Caprio and others believe in these causes as much as they believe in the Easter bunny. Feigned belief in a cause makes them feel warm and fuzzy. Pet projects like Obama–the little Negro they got for Christmas in 2008.

Hollyweirdos create most of their nonsense causes. A luxury for the do-nothing privileged crowd. Next, they get people to jump on the idiotic bandwagons. They crave the adulation. Most of these people cry about Trump when their careers need a boost.

Also, there are those who believe slamming Trump will keep them on top. So they use their “trophy” time to bash Trump, God, Conservatism or whatever, because they think it’s fashionable. But bashing those things is no longer fashionable. Actually, I think bashing Trump is destroying Hollywood.

Trump’s performance continually forces them to keep their mouths shut. Because America is doing FANTASTIC!

Look at what happened, post-Wuflu panic. People are BACK TO WORK. The stock markets recovered. And I can go on.

No longer is it en vogue to criticize the guy who rebuilt the economy twice. You can theoretically (and stupidly) credit Obama for Trump’s first recovery, if you are a dyed in the wool Leftist tube steak. But you can in NO WAY credit Obama for Trump Surge 2.0.

So I do understand the silence, Hollywood. But I do have a question.

Does Rose McGowan’s cat got your tongue?

Because Rose is speaking out. In fact, McGowan was the first woman to speak out against Hollywood and Weinstein. But we all know that Rose was speaking to more than just Hollywood and Weinstein. She was speaking to the entirety of the Democratic Party, though at the time she didn’t say it.

Well she is now.

McGowan excoriated her former Leftists who still stick with the Party of Porn. And she called out the feminist skanks like Alyssa Milano and Debra Messing.

Let’s not forget Hillary Clinton’s little troll friend Lena Dunham? How’s her career going? Is Cher too busy getting more plastic surgery? Or is Kerry Washington too busy plotting with BLM? Is Chelsea Handler still on hiatus? No words of hate to throw President Trump’s way?

But there are many more and not just the women.

Where is Jim Carrey? Robert De Niro? George Clooney? Mark Ruffalo? Trump delivers many opportunities to hear from them. Like his recent Executive Orders?

Yet, their silence is deafening.

Have Alicia Keys and John Legend gone tone deaf? No artistic rhythms in criticism of the president? And what of other “entertainers”, like late-night hacks Seth Meyers and Steven Colbert? Too busy talking Kimmel off the ledge?

Jennifer Lawrence still on taking a break from Hollywood? Alec Baldwin? What, no skits about Trump on SnoozeNL?

It’s a long time coming for Hollyweird to understand that the majority of America loves our president. But I knew this day would come. No longer can these clowns make a living talking SMACK about Trump. That is now a career-ender.

Looks like Obama may be losing his crowd to Trump. MAGA hat anyone?

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