How Trump will steal 40 PERCENT of the Black Vote

President Trump’s rising poll numbers among blacks was as easy to predict for him as saving Carrier. Trump knew what Democrats promised and failed to deliver. Then he simply acted.

Quintessential Trump: see problem, solve problem.

Recall four years ago when then-candidate Donald Trump pitched black voters with a simple phrase: “What do you have to lose?” The New York Post wrote in Feb of this year:

While he captured just 8 percent of the black vote in 2016, recent polls suggest things could be different this time around.

In November, an Emerson poll reported a 34.5 percent approval rating among black voters, and a January Gallup poll reported a 14 percent increase in satisfaction over race relations among Americans.

“We’ve had this wild surge of new testimonials coming in the past few weeks, largely in the black community,” said Brandon Straka, founder of #WalkAway, a social media campaign for disenchanted Democrats leaving the party. “They feel taken for granted, manipulated, and lied to by Democrats. They’re sick of the fearmongering.”

Blacks who formerly bought the Democrats’ lies had seen enough. The black Democrat president changed nothing. So if blacks can’t rise with a Democrat black president, maybe they needed to consider an alternative.

Our team launched a project on criminal justice reform that validated the frustrations of many black Democrats. We clearly saw the trend of blacks leaving the Democratic Party.

Trump resonated with far more blacks than the media and other Leftists admitted. And you can bet that Trump polling at 34 percent with black voters got the Democrats’ attention.

Thus, the calls of “racist” began anew. They accused Trump of wanting to disenfranchise black voters. In fact, Democrats are the real racists who want black voters to continue voting stupidly. But as recent polls indicate, those Democrat dog-whistles went unheard.

In the latest Zogby poll, along with a shocking 52 percent approval in job performance overall, Trump enjoys a 36 percent approval with blacks. Both high water marks for Trump. And expect those trend lines to continue.

Recently Trump orchestrated what might be the best strategy since, “What have you got to lose?”. He challenged Democrats by declaring himself, [pp] “The best president for blacks since Lincoln!”

What a stroke of genius!

I commented on my radio show that Trump drove a stake through the heart of Democrats with that statement. Trump gave Democrats a real conundrum.

If they ignore Trump, then he wins. This is actually their best strategy, since the media will avoid covering Trump as much as possible. However, since Trump creates his own media, expect him to continue to discuss this.

And if the Left try to push back, they find themselves in a real pickle. To push back, they must discuss what Trump has done for blacks. That genie must remain in the bottle. Unless Leftists want to make Trump’s actual point: he HAS done more for blacks than any president since Lincoln.

Sadly for Democrats, Biden’s issues aren’t helping.

First, black people don’t like weak leaders, Obama notwithstanding. They settled for Obama for “historic” reasons. But if Obama were white, they would have seen him as Beto’s older brother, just as weak.

Biden exudes weakness. He’s a frail old man, afraid of a virus. He and Trump are roughly the same age, yet Trump gallivants around the country like a rock star. Meanwhile, Biden hides in his basement.

Second, Biden is the real racist. And Old Dude is the Mr. Magoo of insulting black people. He’s gotten away with it up to now. Further, he hoped Kamala Harris would whitewash some of his racism. After all, she’s the one who called him out on it during the debates. Regardless, nothing Biden will do can undo the damage done by three little words: “you ain’t black”.

Who is Joe Biden to tell black people “you ain’t black” about anything? No need to finish that sentence. Black Leftists finally took notice of the open secret of Democrats. Those motherfu…people really ARE racists!

Biden managed to do what no Republican until Trump could possibly do: expose Democrat racism.

Democrats routinely take the black vote for granted. And Biden vainly professed that reality to a group of young black folks.

When you consider all the other racist comments made by Biden, one wonders why this one stuck?

Well, Biden no longer can hide on the coattails of Obama. Not only because Biden is not Obama’s #2, but because Obama has far less clout in the black community than the media pretends. Obama can’t save himself as blacks peek in the rearview mirror, wondering why blacks are no better off after 8 years of the first half-black president.

On that note, Trump stepped up as I noted earlier. Trump accomplished what Obama talked about doing. And some black Democrats got the message.

Meet Kyree Davis, 36, from Staten Island.

“When Trump announced his candidacy, I thought it was a joke,” said Kyree Davis, who voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. “I said, ‘Hopefully, he’s not the racist, bigoted a–hole he portrays on TV.’

“At first, I was scared, because of the way he talks, that we’d go to war immediately. I was afraid he’d run the country as a cold business,” said the Staten Islander, who works in high-end retail sales. “But those fears were not realized.”

He started to support Trump after the president’s first year in office, mainly due to immigration policies. “It’s why I got behind him. It’s one of the biggest issues facing America today. And I noticed the tax cut. We all got more money in our paychecks — it’s not just for the rich,” said Davis, who disagrees with some of Trump’s foreign policy positions, particularly with Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Still, Davis, who is gay, said he pays a social premium for supporting Trump. “I’ve been called Uncle Tom, Uncle Ruckus [a character from the ‘Boondocks’ comic strip], traitor, house Negro, Oreo — white on the inside,” he said. “Literally everything but a proud black man.”

So far, he’s been too nervous to wear a Make America Great Again cap in New York City, but that may change: “I just saw a black guy wearing a MAGA knit skullcap on the subway. I thought maybe I should, too.”

Davis is one of five former New York Democrats the Post featured who switched.

If Democrats think these poll numbers are flukes, then they spend too much time justifying theirs. The more blacks learn about Democrats, the worse the numbers will get. Republicans need to learn from Trump and do what they can to hold this new bloc of voters.





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