Joe Biden the Homewrecker: An Affair to Forget

Joe Biden rewrites all his stories. And in the rewrites he’s always the hero.

Like when Biden flew in the helicopter who took enemy fire in some God-forsaken country. To hear Biden tell this lie, he flew the plane, and shot down an enemy plane at the same time.

And what about when Biden entered the danger zone, and got “danger close” to the sh*, a term the military uses for a firefight. Biden put himself at risk just to pin a medal on some soldier. Or maybe he didn’t.

Everything about Biden is glamorized. Even his crackhead son’s life. His wife is called “Doctor”, but she is no more a doctor than the guy who advertises as the “rug doctor”.

The Bidens have much more to hide, at least according to Jill Biden’s ex-husband. He’s written a book about the affair Biden had with the former Mrs. Stevenson turned Mrs. Biden.

In the book, Stevenson claims that Joe and Jill began their romance in Delaware earlier than they have publicly stated. He says that Jill was still married to him when she began her affair with Joe Biden. That affair supposedly led to the breakup of their marriage

“The affair between Joe Biden and my ex-wife Jill started in 1974 when we were still married, not in 1975 as the Biden official story claims,” Bill Stevenson exclusively tells NATIONAL FILE. Stevenson noted that both he and Jill knew Joe Biden even earlier than that, having helped him with his 1972 Senate campaign. Bill Stevenson donated money to the Biden 1972 campaign. A millionaire businessman who donated car defibrillators to the NYPD, Stevenson now wants to get the truth out about Joe Biden’s stunning past misdeeds.

Stevenson makes further claims involving bribery by Frank Biden, Joe’s brother.

According to Stevenson, Frank took $3,000 from him ahead of Biden’s first Senate race to hand to the boss of the teamsters union. Frank Biden use the bribe to ensure that copies of the Wilmington News Journal, which endorsed Biden’s Republican incumbent opponent J. Caleb Boggs, were delivered three days late. Thus, after the polls had already closed.

Stevenson reveals another irregularity with Joe Biden. This one has to do with the death of his first wife, Neilia. She died in a car crash. And Biden has stated publicly that the truck driver “drank his lunch”, implying Neilia’s tragic death came at the hands of a drunk driver.

However, the late driver Curtis C. Dunn’s daughter disputed that her father was drunk. And she successfully demanded that Biden apologize to her personally for the false claim.

Biden’s past is full of lies and cover-ups.

The Unofficial Biden Love Story:

The New York Times covered the “Joe and Jill go up the hill to fetch a pail of water story.” And according the “Brian Williams” version, Joe first noticed Jill as a model in an advertisement. He asked his brother Frank fix him up on a blind date with her in March 1975, after Jill had already separated from Stevenson. Can’t have Joe Biden being part of any illicit affair, as that would be very Hunter Biden of him.

Other periodicals bolster Biden’s account. Thus, in 1977, The Morning News in Wilmington, Delaware quoted Joe Biden as saying of his relationship with Jill:

“It’ll be three years come March.”

In August 2008, New York Times reporter Katharine Q. Seelye propagated the story:

“Joe Biden has said that he first saw pictures of Jill Jacobs in March 1975 in an advertisement for a local park in Wilmington, Del. The young blonde caught his eye. She was beautiful — you might call her drop-dead gorgeous. That night, his brother, Frank, told him he had the number of a young woman that the senator would like, mainly because she did not like politics. Biden called her the next day and asked her out, for that very night. She was busy. Biden persisted. He was in town for only one night. Couldn’t she change her plans? She did, finally. And when Biden arrived to pick her up, she turned out to be the woman in the advertisement.”

This story coincides with the divorce of the Stevensons. However, according to sources, this story is a lie. In fact, they claim their pair engaged in a sordid affair.

The National File reported,

The illicit lovers would often rendezvous at a Limestone Road Route 7 gas station called Midway Golf, according to a former Midway employee.

Bill Stevenson, who owned The Stone Balloon Tavern and Concert Hall, bought his wife Jill a brown Corvette as a gift. In 1974, an accident occurred when Joe Biden, who was driving the Corvette with Jill inside, backed into another motorists’ vehicle. Joe Biden initially promised to cover the cost of the accident but Bill Stevenson ended up paying the $650 bill.

When Stevenson confronted wife Jill about being in the car with Biden, Jill’s answer was not satisfactory to Stevenson. Stevenson said that he could not live with Jill anymore so he asked her to leave the house and they later divorced. Stevenson felt that the betrayal by Joe Biden was even worse than the betrayal by his wife, considering Stevenson’s close friendship with Biden and his financial contributions to the upstart politician.

Let’s see if any media outlet challenges Biden’s version of Demented Camelot.

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